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[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] The biggest blogging party is all set for tomorrow, August 23. Nameplates are being printed, but it’s not too late to register. Kudos to Aileen Apolo.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] [photopress:mrs_fields_logo.jpg,full,alignleft] Jayvee‘s Blog and Soul movement launched yesterday at the Manila Pavillion, with a pile of cookies to boot. Mrs. Fields sponsored this event to do their own launching of the Mrs. Fields Cafe in UN Avenue. Now, they just put my two most favorite things in one place: coffee and cookies! Not too thrilled about it being on UN Avenue though.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Noemi meets with Alan Ocab, the kid blogger’s dad. They patch things up and learn they’re both Cebuanos. If I might have hurt father and son, apologies are in order. Sorry Carl. The beauty of freedom of speech is you can blog about anything you want, but be prepared for the worst. I’m not part of a mafia nor trying to shove my “ethics” up anyone’s noses. No, you got it all wrong. Filipinos have creative imaginations though.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Malu Fernandez and Jayvee Fernandez are not related. Of all scandals that got the local blogosphere fired up, Malu takes the cake. She ate it, and it shows. Happily, Jayvee moves on.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Win a date with Ria Jose! Applications ongoing.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] now ranking Australian blogs. Thanks to Meg for the plug.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] There are now more than a hundred blogs listed in the Mindanao Blog Directory. I bet there are hundreds if not thousands more we’re not aware of. Bloggers on Livejournal, Multiply and Tabulas should seriously speak up and make themselves known.

[photopress:mba_150.gif,full,alignleft] [photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Know more about the Mindanao Blog Awards 2007. It aims to give recognition to the finest of weblogs of, in, or about Mindanao. I designed the logo, btw. 🙂


  1. @Nick: Hehehe 😀

    @Aileen: By all means, please announce it! What’s the update on J.A.?

  2. Hi Andrew. I’ll be in Davao Aug 24. It would be great if I get to shake hands with you. Dominique suggested SPRO Coffee shop Friday night. Am hoping to meet up with Blogie and Jun M too. You’ve got a vibrant blogging community in Davao!

  3. Finally I meet the man behind Ratified… And he’s gone international! Galing. And you say PHP lang yun…Wow!

    Thanks for the great time. It was fun… Though I lost. (you know what I mean =).

    I can see why Aileen keeps coming back here. Great and kind people behind awesome blogs.

    Salamat Andrew!

  4. @Jun M. – Please spread the word!

    @Jun A. – Hey, nice meeting you too! Sorry I had to leave early. Come back whenever you can! (e.g. October 27 ^_^)

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