Twitter = Tabloid 2.0?


I must say, I’ve become addicted to Twitter. Twitter has become my daily tabloid, where all the news, gossips and blind items are fed. All you gotta do is follow the right people (like me, wink2x). Sometimes I find myself spending too much time refreshing my browser tab, waiting for new twits to show up. I don’t recommend that though, unless you’re that bored. If you’re using Firefox, there’s an excellent, unobtrusive plugin called Twitterfox that keeps you updated on what your fellow twitter-ers are up to while you’re actually doing something productive.

With all the Internet ‘wars’ currently going on (which I sense are slowly subsiding), Twitter has certainly given me an idea on where people stand on each issue. It’s funny because it’s become some sort of a delayed instant messenger conference on steroids. Indeed, it’s a hell lot easier to say something tactless on Twitter than in a live chat window. People are gutsier in non-real-time situations. The lesson is if you follow someone on Twitter, it doesn’t necessarily require you to be in good terms. That’s what democracy is about. Twitter has taken gossip and catfights to a whole new playing field.

Care to join?


  1. for me it’s a venting ground. It’s so funny because sometimes when I twitter something odd, my daughter IMs me…and asks “now what was that about?”. and vice versa. so funny. quite therapeutic in fact.

  2. Needless to say, I’m more than addicted to Twitter.

    The reason why I’ve become too “tired” to blog about anything the past few months. Haha.

  3. I love twitter too!

    I set my notifications to auto-send them to my mobile whenever I’m logged off of any twitter platform online (Gtalk, gmail-gtalk, – I normally just use the twitter notifications through gmail’s built-in gtalk. I sleep in the daytime and waking up at night with more than 80 twitter updates (read: 80 sms in the inbox) is like waking up in the morning and reading my daily paper.

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