Ratified.org Tweaks

I’m tweaking Ratified.org‘s ranking algo. This may still change as I add more kinds of statistics that will help in ranking our own corner of the blogosphere. Most likely you’ll either see your blog drastically rise or crash abruptly in the rankings. If you experience the latter, I apologize in advance. Really, I’m sorry. Besides Technorati incoming blogs, I have included Pagerank and Feedburner subscriptions as part of the criteria. How they factor in the rankings is a secret!

I highly recommend that you submit your Feedburner feed URL (ex. feeds.feedburner.com/AllebaBlog) so I can update your site profile.

Update: I found that some of the Feedburner URL’s I received do not allow access to their API. That means I cannot get your number of subscribers. To get around this, login to your Feedburner account.

1. Click on the appropriate feed and choose the Publicize tab.


2. On the left menu, click Awareness API.


3. Then, click on Activate.


4. Done!

Please do inform me once you’ve done this so I can update your numbers as soon as possible.

All your Pageranks have been recorded thanks to an Excel file sent by my contacts at Mountain View (kidding).

Singing in praises? Boiling in anger? Please do leave a comment!

Thanks to Janette for reminding me.


  1. That’s better! The ranking is a bit more believable now in terms of how much real influence the blogs got. And it renders my latest post completely outdated. Hehehe. Nice one. 🙂

    Just a suggestion. Maybe you should disregard FeedBurner statistics for the meantime since your ranking algorithm might then be biased against those blogs that don’t have a FeedBurner feed, or even those blogs that don’t have feeds! (Well, rarely)

    And in the absence of FeedBurner feeds, maybe you can extract the Bloglines subscriber count for the meantime.

  2. @Eugene: I’ll work on adding Bloglines too. Thanks.

    @Joni: Come on, you’re still in the top 25 aren’t ya? 🙂

  3. From my point of view, the new rankings on Ratified.org has become more accurate and believable. However, I think the percentage placed on feed subscriptions is a little high. Nice job.

    btw, I have written a news post about Ratified.org’s reconstruction on my blog. Thanks

  4. I noticed the change today… Wow, I went from high 47 to 85 right now. But hey, I’m still in the Top 100. Whoohoo!

    But I like the new stat changes factoring in PageRank & FeedBurner… It gives me a better realistic picture of how I’m doing. Thank you.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. I agree that with these new tweaks, the rankings are more accurate. Good job Drew!

    Btw, can you please edit my blog url and remove the .www prefix? It kinda has an effect on my pagerank. Thanks! 😀

  6. @Noemi: Yes, now I can truly say this is fair for everybody.

    @Karlo: It’s still a work in progress. When I add more stats, I’ll probably adjust the weight given to feed subscriptions.

    @Winston: Haha. Not really but if you want improve your rank, do so! 🙂

    @Dexter: I’m sure you can improve your rank!

    @RJ: Freefalls are fun!!

    @Fruity: Congrats! You’ve stuck in there!

    @Jaypee: Done and I’ve updated your PR as well.

  7. @Eugene: I’ll have to think about that coz it’ll cost me. It’s kinda cheap though. I’ll end up paying about $2/month 😀 I might ask for sponsorships.

    @Benj: Use the password recovery tool. 🙂

    @Janette: Yep, your blog just got a big boost today. I added your other one just now. It will be added in the next update tomorrow.

  8. I did. I was afraid it was in my squirrel mail account that I closed recently so I was lucky that I used my dependable Gmail account.

    But something weird happened.

    I logged in with my ‘atheista’ username.

    and I didnt see my feed under ‘my feeds’. All that’s there is the old feed from my MYJournal blog. Ive already asked Feedburner about it. No response yet.

  9. Thanks for the step-by-step, very good for those of us like me who haven’t used feedburner before and only signed up due to ratified. I’ve activated my awareness API, just to let you know! 🙂

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