R.I.P. Yahoo! Photos


Yahoo! Photos
is officially scheduled to close down on September 20, 2007 to give way to their other photo sharing service, Flickr. A sad, sad day for its 30 million plus users. What is more sad though is there is no intelligible way to migrate your pictures to Flickr. They simply tell you to redownload your pictures to your computer or purchase them in a CD and go somewhere else. Curious though that they didn’t recommend Google Picasa. Come to think of it, it does make sense in a way. If you have a thousand pics uploaded on Yahoo! Photos, there is no way it will all fit within Flickr’s 10mb space limit. And Yahoo! Photos is BORING. I think it’s become a big burden on Yahoo! that they just want to get rid of it and focus on making real money from Flickr.


Flickr has become the premier breeding ground for photographers on the web. It’s utterly cool, hip and like we all say, “everything in between”. The social and interactive aspects are what make up that “everything in between” that many still can’t seem to handle. People are used to the plain old upload-and-email-a-friend formula, without having any intention of giving strangers a chance to look or comment. Times have changed brothers and sisters. Web 2.0 is all about socializing!

If you’ve gotten too attached to Yahoo! Photos, get over it and check out Flickr. Even though you’re limited to 10mb, you can pay just $2 bucks a month (~$25/year) for the whopper and then some.

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