What’s the Best Antivirus for Your PC?

After buying my HP desktop a few months ago, I’ve been scouring the Internet for antivirus programs that are compatible with Windows Vista. I use Active Virus Shield (AVS) for my laptop, so naturally I would install it on this new desktop. Unfortunately, at that time it wasn’t compatible with Vista. So I opted for the pre-installed Norton Internet Security that came with the unit. Now that the two-month trial period had ended, it’s now asking me to pay for the program. Perfect timing because I desperately wanted to get rid of it because it was slowing down my computer. I revisited the AVS site but it still did not have the Vista-compatible version. So I searched Google for active virus shield vista. Ah, good thing I did. The Download Squad features the latest release of AVS that is Vista compatible. I found it odd though that the official site did not carry it yet.

I can honestly vouch for AVS since it has kept my PC’s virus-free for years. It is the hybrid of the fantastic Kaspersky Antivirus software, although this is the free version released and rebranded by AOL, but works exactly the same way. What’s also great about it is that it works silently in the background, and you won’t even notice it! Can’t say the same for Norton. As long as you regularly update AVS’s threat signatures your PC will remain scat-free of those pesky viruses, worms, trojans and spyware.

Update: The Vista version is available only at Neowin.net. Softpedia doesn’t have it. The correct filename is AVS_v25.exe, not AVS.exe or AVS.msi. The file size is about 19mb. You’ll also need to obtain a free serial number by registering your email address at the official site.

I’ve checked for some reviews and many place Kaspersky in the top 3. BitDefender, Nod32, PC-cillin, Mcafee Antivirus, AVG also seem to be excellent alternatives.

What Antivirus do you use?


  1. Uggh, I hated Norton Internet Security. It missed a virus one time and caused hell for me. Also, it was hogging so much CPU and memory.

    I use ZoneAlarm Security Suite (which comes with firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware)… and as extra protection, I also use Webroot Spy Sweeper. Been pretty effective, so far.

  2. I’m still on XP and a long time user of AntiVir [avira.com]. It works great. My former boss was so happy with the free product that he actually bought a license. 🙂 According to the site – all users running Vista 32bit are now protected.

    FYI – im just happy user 🙂

  3. for me the best antivirus in the world is only kaspersky. it’s cheap, works perfectly and easy to use. unlike AVG that destroys the file along with the virus.also it is compatible mit vista.thanks!!!

  4. my laptop is a vista, and my current antivirus is McAfee and my friends told me to install another antivirus.. but i dnt knw any antivirus that is compatible w/mcafee..is avast compatible w/mcafee?

  5. Avira the best for all
    The free version can compate with any buy version antivirus and can defeate them …

  6. Anti-Virus software will always do its job if you update the virus definitions periodically. Personally I like Kaspersky because its simple, does not get in the way ie pop up warnings and it updates every hour. Remember that you get what you pay for. I repair computers on a daily basis and most of the virus infected computers have free AntiVirus Software that does a moderate job. The key is to stay away from bad websites and don’t download anything you don’t trust… plain and simple…. if you have doubts then don’t download it.
    I currently use Norton on my desktop and I have Kaspersky on my laptop. Both run great both are paid for and things could not be better. Kaspersky has my vote though, Norton has diminished over the years but my school hands it out for free… decision decisions.

  7. I use AVG Threat Labs (http://www.avgthreatlabs.com). I like it because I can download periodical reports and see if the websites I visit are safe. And I agree with you, Jesus, I pay for my antivirus as well, although some friends told me I shouldn’t pay when there are so many versions available for free. I guess I just trust it more.

  8. Adam Smolkowicz

    im using nod32 and i think it does a pretty good job

    Adam Smolkowicz

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