WordPress Plugin Ideas, Anyone?

I’m ready to take on another WordPress plugin project. However, I can’t think of a plugin that someone else hasn’t already done. Any ideas?

Edit: I’m currently working on a plugin suggestion made by Abe on his blog. It’s 97% done but I have to test it further before I can release it. Hint: It’s currently on my sidebar. Watch out for it!


  1. How about a plugin that displays the blogger’s posting frequency.
    Example: “On average this site has a new post 3 times a week” or “3.4 new posts per day, in the last month”
    Would be useful when deciding when to subscribe to RSS or email.

  2. Just thought of another.
    How about a plugin so we can get the number of Feed subscribers without using Feedburner. That way we don’t have to use a new URL for our feed and don’t have to be dependant on a third party for something so important to our site.

  3. Excellent ideas guys.

    @Blogie: You mean moblogging?

    @Jun: There is already a download plugin that I’m using for another blog.

    @Jon: For your first suggestion, there is the Post Frequency plugin that should meet your needs. For your second idea, Feedburner does have a WP plugin that lets you keep your RSS url but still enjoy the benefits of their services.

  4. #1…thanks, that was easy 🙂
    #2…do you mean Steve Smith’s Feedburner replacement plugin? If so that’s not what I meant. I meant a way that I can use mysite.com/feed only without any Feedburner services and still know the stats on my feed. The problem with using feeds.feedburner.com/MySite is that if Feedburner goes down,or a better service comes along, all your 1135 readers will need to update the URL in their readers. To me that’s not an ideal setup, especially for a commercial blog.

  5. Drew, I’ve got an idea…

    What about a robust feed aggregator plugin? There’s really not many around, and those that are there aren’t really very, well, powerful. The feature that I’m looking for in such a plugin is the ability to specify begin- and end-dates for each feed that I’d like to syndicate.

    FeedWordPress has good functionalities, but it doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

  6. Drew, I’ve got another idea for a great plugin.

    A database plugin. One that will let you generate a form, and then let you display the data as a table on your blog. The form-generators I’ve seen so far only collect data for emailing to the admin.

  7. Dunno if you’re still looking for plugin ideas, but I can’t seem to find one that will re-write my “Recent Posts” and “Recent Comments” links to go back through FeedBurner rather than directly to the local target.

    For example, mouse over any link in your “Recent Posts” to the right. Note that they are all “http://www.alleba.com/blog/…” destinations and not “http://feeds.feedburner.com/alleba/…”.

    If there isn’t already a plugin that will do this, there should be…


  8. I was looking for an advanced poll plugin.
    Like for eg. when giving a poll, people should select their favourite option and along with that add their nationality, gender, age etc.
    Then along with the results, maybe the plugin could generate pie diagrams to show how many % male/female, or by age, or by nationality chose which option.
    This will help understand the trends in certain societies or age groups.
    If please anyone can make this plugin, please inform me at v1nayr4j@yahoo.com

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