Apple iPhone Demo

I think I just had a tech orgasm.

apple iphone

Touted as “a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet communications device”, the Apple iPhone uses a touchscreen navigation and comes with the Safari browser, integrated Google search and maps, free Yahoo push IMAP email (a la BlackBerry), runs OSX and widgets. The big let-down is that Apple struck an exclusive deal with Cingular Wireless, which will start selling the phone in June 2007 with a binding 2-year contract. Worse, it won’t reach Asian markets till 2008! But I’m sure the black market will somehow get its hands on it soon enough, IMO. iPhone will set you back $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for 8GB. For sure, this is the phone that’ll replace my Sony Ericsson W800i.

Quick video demo after the jump.


  1. I will just put my cents in the bucket.

    8 gb is by far not enough memory nowadays. 20 would have been the selling point for me. I will wait for version 2.0 because no doubt they will have all the bugs sorted out.

    Another thing that sucks is first party software. boo!

  2. definitely i’ll let go of my k800i and my pocket pc for this one. steve jobs is right they’re not so smart smartphones(im talking about treos, ppc fones and smartphones). but ill miss my k8s camera. but again, who cares, they havent thought of the tech this baby have. for sure there will be 3rd party apps available. that will make it smarter or so i think. take this it runs on mac’s OSx. sweet! cant wait for iphone to reach our shores. ooh wait, im having goosebumps

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