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This is a paid post.

One of the biggest challenges I face as a webmaster is optimizing my sites for search engines, onsite and offsite. Offsite SEO is the toughest. I try to stay away from spending money on SEO just because I pretend that my budget restricts me from doing so. However, learning the hard way, I realized that free SEO can only get you so far especially if you’re after something that’s more specific and targeted.

Text Link Ads (TLA) is one of the paid routes you’d want to take if you’re looking for targeted, quality links. You get to pick the anchor text with a maximum of 30 characters, which should be good enough to squeeze in all your most important keywords. The price of ads varies, depending on the publisher’s site profile, traffic, link popularity and the number of ad spots it offers. TLA has a vast array of publishers, so the factor of displaying your ad on a similarly-themed publisher is almost a non-issue. TLA currently offers a $100 coupon for new advertisers. The effects of these links may take a few weeks to become apparent in the search engine rankings. So check every now and then if there is any improvement in your ranking for your set of keywords. In one of my text link campaigns, I saw terrific results after about 3 weeks. Since your purchased links are good for 30 days, it is extremely important that you maintain these links for as long as necessary.

Aside from advertising via TLA, you may also opt to publish ads as well. These link ads may be displayed alongside Google Adsense ads and other contextual ad programs. You are paid a flat rate and given full control on which ads will appear on your site.

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  1. We can make money with text links ads but all will depend with our page range and traffic. text link ads good for make Google spider serp to our website. And the best thing we can get the visitor

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