Google Pilipinas Zeitgeist for July 2010

Google published a list of the most popular news searches made by Filipinos last July, 2010. What’s different now is alongside this list, a video was produced by Pinoy Googlers to highlight it.

Here are the terms that made it to the top of our list:

  1. Pacquiao – No surprise there. The most famous international boxer is now a Congressman of the Philippines!
  2. Charice Pempengco – The Youtube sensation has been dodging rumors about being included in the cast of the second season of Glee, until she grew tired and admitted it on Twitter.
  3. Panfilo Lacson – The most wanted fugitive in the Philippines might just be able to come home now that GMA sits next to Pacquiao.
  4. Basyang – Ondoy definitely left a lasting impression on Pinoys after killing thousands last year and causing billions of pesos in damage. Basyang, the Philippines’ first typhoon in 2010, is nothing to scoff at either. It left about a hundred people dead and destroyed bridges and roads.
  5. 73rd Season of UAAP – College basketball addicts made a killing of their own when the latest season of the UAAP commenced.

Watch the video:

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