Pic Your President

There’s only a few days until the elections. Here is your chance to be heard! Pic Your President is an engaging, visual mock poll that allows users to vote for their Presidential candidate and state why they are voting for him or her. A user can vote only once using their Facebook account, but has the option to agree or disagree about others’ votes and opinions. Looks like Dick Gordon is making a killing as I write this, he has 817 votes so far! Gibo Teodoro is second with 333 votes. Noynoy fans where are you?!?

Piclyf is a pet project of my startup company, Twidl Inc. Help spread the word!

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  1. Thanks Sir Andrew for making this site possible, I like this people sharing thoughts for their candidates nalalaman mo kung sino talaga yung nakakakilala ng maiigi sa mga kandidato nila at sino ang hindi. Thanks Again Sir, and more power sa iyong company.

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