Experimental Nokia Phone Recharges Wirelessly


Imagine a phone that does the job of recharging itself. The geniuses at Finnish company Nokia in Cambridge, UK invented a new charging system that harnesses the infinite amount of radio waves that surrounds us, and converts the electromagnetic radiation into electricity to power a cellular phone battery. These radio waves can come simply from your own television set, wifi transmitters, radios, or any device with antennae. Still in the experimental stages, Nokia foresees this technology to go mainstream in 3-5 years. For now, they are working on getting the charger to generate 20 milliwatts, enough for a phone to run on stanby mode forever. About double that, we can do voice calls for whatever lengths we desire, load permitting.

Would you buy this cellphone?


  1. Is the people above actually real people genuine comments? seems a bit like a buy me buy me buy me sales pitch.

    Yea its nice an all – and if I saw it i’d prob want it, but its gunna be pricy.

    whats with the new curved screen? can they just do that now? since when? all seems a bit fake to me.

    Until i see it in the shops i don’t believe this is real.

  2. No,I would not buy this phone right now but let me tell you that I have keen interest in this phone and would be watching over this phone for the time when Nokia produces a fully functional phone on this type of recharging technology 🙂
    Could we have solar and or light powered cell phones?we have calculators on this technology already!Also we could have thermal technology to recharge our phones i.e. it could be the hot day or heat from any source which would recharge the phone!
    Doesn’t it sound interesting?

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