iPod Nano: Should I Upgrade?

Admittedly, I’m not the gadgets-savvy person I used to be. All these brands pumping out high-tech thingamabobs almost every week has left me dazed and confused (and I reckon you too). So I heard that, for the nth time, Apple has come up with, literally, a rainbow of new iPod Nanos. These skittle babies put my old worn out first-gen iPod Nano to shame. Not only can they hold up to 4,000 songs, they can play videos too! See, just saying that proves how bad it is.

I’m mulling over either getting this or an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is a veritable feast for the eyes isn’t it? Also helps that it’s available here in Davao City. But it costs 80 bucks more than the Nano. I know, why not the iPod classic? Honestly, I don’t need that much memory (120 g’s) and it costs even more than the Touch.

Help me out will ya?

Oh, and check out this cool Apple logo:


  1. If I were you, I’d go for the nano. First, It’s small. Second, it has more features (such as the all new shake-then-oh-it’s-shuffled-again). Last, It’s not pricey (not like the itouch). This answers your question.

    But, also, I would like to recommend buying a Creative rather than an ipod. I have a creative zen stone. Despite it’s smallness, ipod still has no match against it.

    If you’re not that bothered by that SHITTY SOUND PRODUCED BY THE IPOD and is BLUNDERED BY ITs COOL UI AND FEATURES, then buy an ipod.

  2. Hi Drew,

    Congrats on winning! I recommend you buy an IPod Touch. It’s a nifty piece of technology and for a techie like you, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for the lowest memory (not sure how big) but still be very happy. It’s wifi ready na rin and the quality of the screen is good. Good luck!

  3. i’m not an ipod type of guy. maybe for those who enjoy listening during workouts. but mine just sits at home since i mostly listen to music in my office.

    still, i got a free ipod touch last month when i bought my macbook and enjoyed it when i took an east coast trip last week. checking my email & weather on that little thing really helped me stay connected with work. plus music on the train didn’t hurt.

  4. Just an advice, if you have some important things you need to buy first go for it… but if don’t have… i think you need to be IN…. cool

  5. well first I must say, if you are walking around with a huge ass CD player.. Or a SONY MD player walk man.. Or hell even a 128MB MP3 player. Get with the times.
    Unless you are in a non-music generation…
    iPod superior to MD player.. 1) you can read text files on it 2) 8GB versus..changing lame MDs
    3) VIDEO !! .. Lol game over. 4) Games plus you can download more free online
    5) Less lame song management perhaps?

    personally I have iPod Nano 3rd generation.
    I wish I could upgrade to Ipod touch.. probably go for 16GB since I fill my iPod with music.. But with the battery life.. I might as well grab a battery pack…

    But then again whenever I get WI-FI.. I have a laptop. Goodbye tiny screen.

    Why iPod touch versus iPod Nano?
    WIFI. So I could have a tiny portable device..when if I get on WIFI well.. Online radio with me 24/7…
    In the workplace is this going to happen probably not .. Headphones in your office.. Not really tolerated I would presume depending on your role. Radios or online radio..possibly.

    I can watch like 4 TV episodes or 1 movie (2 hours) … And then the battery will die… I am considering buying a Kensington battery pack for about $40-$60 to extend the battery life.. I mostly use the iPod Nano just to watch TV shows such as Heroes on the bus… You can download them and use ipodme to convert to .mp4 and voila.. Never bored on the bus or tired of looking and getting sad at gorgeous girls who will never be yours or have boyfriends again.

  6. I only recently picked up the ipad,havent dug through it to determine all of the ins and outs but from what I can see its a fairly decent little piece of technology.

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