WordPress Plugin Update: Daily Top 10 Posts

Here ye, here ye! A *major* update for the Daily Top 10 Posts plugin for WordPress! Since version 2.5 I’ve received reports that the plugin breaks the admin panel, amongst several other compatibility issues. I addressed all of these in the newest version. Here’s a rundown of new features:

1. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress (2.61)
2. Widgets-ready!
3. Bug that distorts the admin panel corrected
4. Added a widget in “Right Now” that tells you the most popular blog post so far
5. Added a dashboard widget that lets you keep track of the 10 most popular blog posts
6. Updated some code in the instructions to prevent blog from breaking should the plugin be deactivated

Click here to go to the plugin page.

Let me know if you’re having problems! Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Using Overall Top 10 in the sidebar and tried to replace the ‘views’ with ‘ ‘ so that it wouldn’t display the number of views, but it still displays. Please help. Thanks!

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