My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008

After much careful perusal of the Internet, here are my nominees for Janette Toral’s Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008:

You Got Tech – The tech blog for non-techies.

Bloggers Da Who – The blind item blog that I hope I’ll never be featured on.

Rarely Ordered – Food blog about overlooked menu items. Very interesting concept by a group of startup bloggers.

Fritzified – Because he’s Fritz.

Manila Foodistas – Great pictures and impeccable writing about food. A must-read.

Pass the Sauce – Phoebe talks about food and her experiences as a culinary student.

Chefie’s World – Ok, another one about food. This time by acclaimed Chef Junjun de Guzman. Learn from his cooking adventures here and abroad.

Work With Ria – The blog of my cousin Ria, jill of all trades.

Migs Mobile – My good friend Migs Hipolito’s blog on everything mobile.

Digital Puto – Winston Almendras’ photo blog. Pretty good shots but pale in comparison to mine. Haha.

EDIT: I didn’t notice I listed eleven blogs. I will sacrifice my photo blog then. -_-

Davao Photo – My photo blog.


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