Bloggers Da Who is this Yahoo? – The Results!


This is sort of a preemptive post since I said in my earlier one that the contest will end on May 8. Now is May 6, what’s the hurry? First of all, the day after I started the contest, AJ, always faster than a speeding bullet, made his entry here. His answer is Jonas delos Reyes. And guess what, he’s RIGHT!

To mark his Yahoo debut, Jonas makes his first official blog post on the Yahoo Philippines Answers blog:

Secondly, it’s to welcome me on my new job. As some of you may know already, I was recently hired to be Yahoo!’s Community Manager for the Philippines and it’s simply a thrilling experience to represent Yahoo! and be part of the team that makes sure that services like Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers and Flickr continue to empower Pinoys and help us grow a meaningful and responsible Pinoy online community.

I’m sure local users of Yahoo are extremely excited about this development. And it could only mean one thing: more events for us! Hurray, but hopefully Jonas won’t forget his friends here in Mindanao ;_;

Congrats to AJ for winning my first ever contest. The DTI permit # actually spelled out his first name, if you didn’t notice.

To AJ: Please email or DM me your Paypal email to receive your $25. The amount may be a little less because Paypal charges a transaction fee. Watch out for more blog contests only here at Alleba Blog!



  1. And he was beside me all along… 😀

    Congrats, Jonas!

    And congrats to AJ for being so quick on the draw!

  2. AJ: You have a photo of Jonas?
    Ria: Jonas, who?
    AJ: New Yahoo guy, answer to your Kuya’s Da Who.
    Ria: Oh, I don’t know him.

    *after a few minutes*

    AJ: Here’s a photo of Jonas… with you in it.
    Ria: …..

  3. @Andrew – Hahaha, many thanks for this Andrew! Sorry for the late response, I’ve been busy settling down here.:)

    How can I forget my Mindanao friends. 😉 I’ll definitely keep in touch and hope to see you all soon!

    @Janette – Hope you’ll be there as well. 🙂

    @Blogie – Many thanks Blogie! 🙂 Next time I’ll spend more than just a day in Davao, hehehe. 🙂

    @Ria Jose – Hi Ria, can’t blame you for not remembering me. As Andrew said, I’m the “quiet” type of guy, hehehe. 😀

    @AJ – Ang bilis mo nga AJ, hehehe! But the new job is only second to getting married as life-altering event. 🙂

    @MiGs – Thanks so much!

    @Jehzeel Laurente – Hahaha, oo nga! Super thanks!

  4. @Jonas: Thanks for coming by! If you need anything to be announced, just drop me an email 😀 I’ll gladly help you out.

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