Ratified.org Now With Alexa Stats

Two months ago, I was playing around with the idea of adding Alexa data to Ratified.org’s ranking system. That idea, however, was met with great opposition, so I abandoned it. A few days ago though, Alexa announced their new ranking system, which to me is more reliable and credible because it is based on more traffic sources rather than just the Alexa toolbar. As a result, my own Alexa rankings are at their all time lows, but at least now I can say, with some caution (explanation below), that Alexa is making sense this time.

Including Alexa’s data was a tricky one for me because it could not correctly rank blogs hosted on Blogger, WordPress, i.ph, Multiply and Blogsome. Their “improvement” apparently did not involve solving their long standing problem in identifying blogs on subdomains. I’m working on how to resolve it, so please bear with me. The algo is a little rough on the edges too and that calls for a string of adjustments in the next few days.

The last update shows major movements in the rankings, as evidenced here and here. You can also see the top 25 blogs based on Alexa rankings. If you have questions, comments or suggestions please leave a comment below. Thanks.


  1. This is great, Drew! I support your inclusion of Alexa in the Ratified.org metrics. At least, as long as Alexa is committed to continuing this improvement effort of theirs.

  2. Actually, Alexa is able to rank certain subdomains. Based on my observations, many subdomains on blogspot.com and wordpress.com have their own traffic stats. However, I haven’t seen any livejournal.com or multiply.com site that has an independent ranking.

  3. @Blogie: Yes I hope they continue this.

    @Janette: Yep, as soon as I sort out the quirks.

    @Migs: Thanks for the trackback hehe.

    @Benj: You’re still in the top 100!

    @Eugene: Yeah it does for some. I noticed that it takes a while for newer blogs.

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