Filtering Tricks for Gmail

If your Gmail inbox is getting a tad confusing, try organizing it using filters and variants of your email address. You can branch out your Gmail address to a variation of email addresses and hook them with filters when you receive emails. Say that your email address is Adding a plus sign (+) after your user nick and any letter-number combination will still result in you receiving an email. Try setting your Friendster account email to By doing this, all your Friendster notifications (if active) will go to but the difference is now you can easily filter them based on the recipient address. In Gmail, go to Settings > Filters and type in your Friendster address in the To: field.



Then, specify what action to do if an email matches the criteria. Apply a new label to it called “Friendster”. Voila. From now on, all emails from Friendster will be labeled accordingly. Another neat trick you can do is create a variant to handle potential spam, like Use this email when registering for “iffy” sites that you’ll never want to be bothered by or never come back to. Simply setup a filter to delete messages going to this email.

Adding periods (.) anywhere in your username produces the same result. Gmail ignores these dots, so and and are one and the same, of course except when applying filters, the dots do matter.

If you’re wondering if this works for Gmail for domains, yes it sure does.

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