PageRank Updates Setting In

Another round of PR updates took place at

From my last post, there were 58 blogs that lost PR and 14 blogs were gainers.

Today’s quite a far cry: 149 blogs have lost PR and 130 blogs were gainers. Interesting to see all those zeroes turn into actual numbers! Eleven blogs broke out today, a sign that there was significant movement in the rankings. Jayvee’s came out of nowhere to rank #13 and Karlo’s Pinoy Blogero is now at #51. Congrats to all the other rank winners!


  1. What a shakeup. There are no more PR7 blogs. I’m actually surprised that I now have two blogs in the Top 100. I was expecting my second blog to just rise into the 101-200 range after getting PR4 from PR0 and not breakout into #92. 😀

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