Mindanao Bloggers and Other News

[photopress:tus_logo.png,full,alignleft] Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped make our Mindanao Bloggers Summit last October 27, 2007 a success! This success sparked an unprecedented interest in blogging and blogging-related activities in Mindanao. To keep the momentum, the Usual Suspects has a lot of cool stuff planned out for the not-so-distant future.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] I’d like to invite all bloggers from the Philippines and around the world to join our “You Got Blogged” contest. Get a chance to win up to $150 just for reviewing a Mindanao blog! For more details, visit this page.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Matt Mullenweg, the guy behind WordPress, sent over a video greeting all the bloggers present during the Summit. Outstanding!

[photopress:shirt_emoblogger.png,full,alignleft] [photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Fellow Usual Suspect Dominic produces blogging schwag to show off the geekiness in you. Designs for emo bloggers, A-list bloggers and political bloggers available. Don’t fit in any category? He does custom designs too. At P150.00 per shirt.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] The Usual Suspects is planning to start a podcast! But we don’t have a good microphone!! Checked out Yuga’s post about his quest for a great podcasting mic, but alas, Audiophile doesn’t have a Davao branch. Help?

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Cousin/Blogger Ria Jose did a writeup about me! Am I Mr. Ratified now?

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] What do you do when the media attacks your dad? Defend him through blogging of course! Jun Macarambon did just that. His father is the new Comelec chairman.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Google gives its stance on shady SEO.

[photopress:brand.gif,full,alignleft] [photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] ABS-CBN cuts ad deal with Multiply.com. Proves that Multiply is hot among Filipinos. Pinoy Big Brother even has an official Multiply site hosted there.

[photopress:roundup.gif,full,pp_image] Filipino doctors get unexpected, albeit unrelated victory. Desperate Housewives suspends filming indefinitely due to writers’ strike, among other shows. May drag on till 2008. Sad, sad times for Bittorrent users.

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