Who Cleans Up at the Googleplex?


Credit: HandRooster

Looking at how immaculate and pristine the Googleplex is, I can’t help but wonder if Google has a janitorial or maintenance staff at hand. Aileen has been there twice and said she never saw janitors around. Is there some mysterious entity roving at night that gets rid of all the “spam” left behind by Googlers? I’m guessing that might be the case. I would even go as far as speculating that it’s a bunch of miniature robots cleaning up after everyone’s mess — on stealth mode.

Come to think of it, if Google hired people, I would imagine they’d need about a hundred janitors and gardeners willing to take a long night shift. Not exactly a glamorous job title, but hey, they’re cleaning the offices of the world’s biggest search engine. I bet they’re already making a nice sum of money selling Google schwag on ebay.

Anyone up to help me solve this mystery?


  1. Google has an AutoJan Bot (Automatic Janitor roBot)… just like the Google bots that crawls all over the intergalactic web. But, the difference is, they are profound. They are programmed to appear in a certain area in Googleplex when their microprocessor detects that this specific area is idle for 15 minutes, and no one will cross, or walk-by in this area for the next 30 seconds… and… there is a 20 meter radius from the nearest human being ^_^

    It will suddenly activate its cleaning laser that will eliminate all kinds of unwanted elements inside Googleplex…

    That’s all that I can reveal as of know… 😛 (It’s based on my fictional instincts..) blehhehehe..

    P.S.: kuya andrew pics natin!! waaaaaaaa!!!

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