Playing Games on the Internet Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Play MMORPG’s much?

If you’re perpetually in front of your computer, consider taking short 15-minute breaks every few hours. I’m not a doctor, but it’s sound advice. You save yourself from unnecessary health problems such as stress, eyestrain, poor posture, headaches, not to mention poor social skills. Like the saying goes, too much of something can be bad for you.

Take this man from China, who died after spending 3 straight days playing games on the Internet. He could’ve been playing anything from Ragnarok, Granado Espada to World of Warcraft and Lineage. These are among the most popular online-based games in the Philippines. Indeed, the kids of today, apart from leeching money out of their parents’ pockets and f*cking up their education, spend way too much time playing games at home or at Internet cafes. Although the man from China was about 30 years old, this but underscores the alarming trend of gaming addiction amongst the youth. I do know that a while back Philip Morris was airing some fake public service commercials to make up for all the savagery it’s been doing to our lungs. I wonder if Electronic Arts, Nintendo or Blizzard are planning something similar.

This incident isn’t an isolated case. Many have already succumbed to computer gaming, such as these chaps from Korea and Taiwan. This Russian boy suffered a stroke and died after playing only 12 hours. A Chinese man holds the record of playing a whole week before the grim reaper said enough already.

Fortunately, I have not heard of a blogger who died from too much blogging. Probably best to keep that statistic at bay, shall we?


  1. I know a guy who died because his bladder exploded while playing Ragnarok Online. He had food and drinks with him but apparently, he didn’t have time to use the men’s room.

    Next on the killer games list: DoTA.

  2. @Ria: Sometimes gamers forget that they DO have a life outside of their virtual worlds.

    @Claire: Sadly, it’s been going on for a long time.

    @Winston: Haha. Hopefully not!

    @RJ: Seriously? His bladder exploded?? Was this in the news?

  3. I guess I can say, “been there, done that”. I was very addicted to Counterstrike when I was in college. I spent all my free hours and weekends playing it. The longest time I played non-stop w/o eating or going to the restroom was 9 hours. Sometimes I go home from the internet shop past 12 AM. Thank God I’m over that phase now. 😀

  4. @Jaypee: Haha. I was also addicted to Counterstrike and Rainbow Six. Then I got sick of them and moved to Warcraft III and Dota. But I’m over them now. Like what you said: Thank God!

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  6. i know someone died because of an explotion occured on his computer.. his head exploded because of overheating on his computer

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