Spotlight: Filipina Bloggers

As my entry for Janette Toral’s Filipina Writing Contest, I’d like to put the spotlight on a few Filipina bloggers that I enjoy reading.


First and foremost, and not just because she’s a friend, I make it a point to visit Aileen Apolo’s blog every chance that I can. Aileen can talk about the most mundane things in life but still manages to be profound and entertaining. I love it when she talks about the stuff that make us uniquely Filipino. Warm, fuzzy feeling indeed!


Next, my cousin Ria Jose. Ria is a juggernaut when it comes to blogging. She never runs out of ideas, which is good, because she writes for some of my blogs (hehe — no talk of misrepresentation please). Believe or not, Ria blogs about politics, shopping, showbiz, travel and gaming. No wonder many people call her Queen Ria. Bar none, she is the queen of blogging!


It ain’t a mystery to me why I diligently follow Shari Cruz’s blog, Misteryosa. When it comes to writing, Shari’s the bomb. She’s engaging. She makes sense. She brings harmony to all the chaos. Hit me with everything you’ve got, Shari. I’m reading.


Janette Toral is someone I admire immensely. Apart from being the brains behind the Digital Filipino, she is also a wonderful blogger. Aside from sharing her tips on blogging and marketing, she gives great insights on life and interpersonal relationships. As someone whose life revolves mostly around computers and the Internet, Janette helps me remember that I’m still human.


I met Noemi Dado during one of the first of a long string of scandals affecting our blogging world. She’s a nice lady, but don’t let the moniker “Angelic Mom” fool you! She talks about all the hot topics of the blogosphere and applies her hard-hitting, no-BS style of writing. She’s got balls, that’s for sure!

Filipina bloggers. You rock my world!!


  1. thank you for the mention, Andrew. Haha I should actually change myblog nick to something else after all the criticisms I receive. hehe

  2. cool. i might join this writing project soon. for now, including the badge in my site bout this writing contest is my contribution

  3. Huwaw! Thank you so much for including me in the list. Touching. And, of course, it’s just now that I found out that you and Ria are cousins. Haha. I’m an ignorant no more. 😉

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