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Another meme! Fellow blogger Kim Castillo tagged me for this one and asked, “What are five revealing things about you?”. Since I don’t really have a personal blog, I’m going to do this here and try to keep it related to our theme.

1. I don’t handle stress very well. Right now, I’m having some dizzy spells. Two weeks ago, I had a nasty sore throat that required me to take some antibiotics. I guess it’s due to my sleepless nights during my programming activities that began last month. To add to the chaos, I have many other sites and responsibilities to attend to. I also need to get at least 7 hours of sleep or else I’ll be too stressed out to do anything.

2. Unlike all my other websites and blogs, Alleba.com was a product of boredom. I was in New York, fresh out of school, bummed out and jobless, so I wanted to do something fruitful. Google was just getting started and that kind of inspired me. That time I think I was one of the first members of the Digital Filipino mailing list. I promoted Alleba there and basically got the finger from many members. Some emailed me and suggested I close down Alleba. Craaaabs!! I went by the name “Olsen Abella” because I was too afraid to reveal my real name. I chose “Olsen” because I was a fan of the Olsen Twins, hahaha!

3. My favorite channel is CNN. I’m a big fan of Richard Quest and this show “Business Traveler“. My TV is always on CNN unless I’m watching something else on ETC or Star World. I like keeping myself updated about what’s happening in our world. Sadly, I don’t have anyone around me to discuss it with. It’s always me telling my friends or cousins the news and they’re all like “Oh really? Didn’t know that”. I also enjoy watching badminton and tennis on Star Sports and Ambush Makeover on ETC. Hehehe!

4. I can play the piano and guitar. Yup, I can! However, I haven’t touched the piano for years now, so I’m getting rusty at it. My guitar skills are below-par. I’m just good enough to play the basic chords and sing along with it. I don’t know if I can still remember all the chords though.

5. I can get along with any nationality. I lived in Sunnyvale, California (holler, Yahoo!) for three years when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade. My best friend was Japanese. I believe his name is Eric Iwamoto. I also had two Chinese friends named David Chang and Todd Ruffo (or Rufo), and two white friends both named Jason. My 2nd grade teacher was Ms. Utsunomiya (also Japanese) and my 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Vaughn. At my school in New York, my friends’ ethnicities range from Swedish (Perim & Christian), American (Melissa), Vietnamese (John), Japanese (Junko), Italian (Betty) and Greek (AC). Oddly enough, I didn’t have any Filipino friends aside from my brother’s friends.

That’s a wrap! Thanks Kim!

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  1. Hey I like this meme! I never knew you stayed in NY. Filipinos who’ve been to/are in NY fascinate me for some reason, I have no idea why. Maybe because I’ve always wanted to go there. And I agree with the whole 7 hours of sleep thing. It’s impossible to even wake up below 7 hours and feel ready to charge the day.

  2. This is an interesting trivia Andrew. I wonder who are those who emailed you advising you to close Alleba.com down. I guess that is also the reason why I created a club so that those who are just using the list then for their own agenda can be seen as to how serious they are in e-commerce. Obviously, as it turns out, the noisy ones feel that they are good already and no need to be part of a club. 🙂

  3. Hi Janette, I can’t remember who they were, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to them! 😉

  4. Wow, so this is what happens when I google my own name. I find that one of my old elementary school friends has dropped my name in his blog. What a trip. I am the Eric Iwamoto of who Andrew wrote. Andrew, if you don’t believe me, I am on Friendster; look me up.

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