Do We Need a Blog Meme?

Lately I’ve been tinkering around with the endless possibilities of the Technorati API. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I added a section in simply called “Meme“. In a nutshell, it’s a blog meme that tracks the current and most popular stories in the Philippine blogosphere. The story’s relevance is measured by its age and the number of other Filipino blogs linking to it. I used Technorati’s API to track all the stories from select blogs. I admit that it does seem Digg-ish and Techmeme-ish, but what the heck.


As we speak, the most buzzed about story is Benj Arriola’s win at the SEO World Championship, which was posted yesterday and immediately seven blogs talked about it and linked it up. Indeed, his win is a big deal, as reflected by the blogosphere. It would be interesting to see which stories will make it on top in the coming days. If you think a story is worth linking to, link to it! That’s the equivalent of “digging” a story at Digg. Who doesn’t love link love anyway?

Your thoughts?

Visit’s Meme


  1. Hi Andrew. Please clarify how do you determine which is the originator of the post or meme. Like Mike Abundo’s post on NTC on “all your blogs belong to us”, I was expecting Mike’s post to be the the meme originator and not Abe’s. The same with our Web Awards where our winners list is the meme originator or linked to. Thanks!

  2. @Michael: I’m working on it. It’s still buggy.

    @Janette: It’s all handpicked. I made a mistake with the NTC and Digital Filipino Awards posts. I’ll correct that in the next update. Thanks for pointing that out! 😀

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