No Other Email than Yahoo!?

Just a silly little story.

I got a call from an agent of PLDT Mydsl yesterday who informed me of a “promo” they’re offering to their current subscribers:

1 month free DSL with 1-year contract
3 months free DSL with 2-year contract

I wasn’t at all taken by their measly promo. I was expecting more in the lines of a free pc for putting up with their crap service for 2 years! They should thank Bayantel for not having their DSL available in my area or else I would have already switched a long time ago.

Going back to the story, the agent asked for my email address. I said: “andrew… at… alleba”. She interrupted me. “Ano yun sir?”. “andrew… at… a-l-l-e-b-a dot com”, I muttered. She answered, “Sir, andrew at alehba dot com? Hindi sya Yahoo?” “Hindi” “Sigurado ka sir?” “Oo” “Bago sya na email sir?” “Hindi.” “Ahh sige ok sir.”


(agent asks for my email address)

“andrew… at… alleba”

“What’s that sir?”

“andrew… at… a-l-l-e-b-a dot com”

“Sir, andrew at alehba dot com? Is that a Yahoo! email address?”

“No.” (obviously!)

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” (duh!)

“Is that a new email service?”

“No.” (double duh!)

“Ok sir.”

I wonder why she would think that Yahoo! is the only email service in the whole world?! Just goes to show how “world-class” PLDT is.

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  1. It’s really annoying. I got that phone call too for our news agency’s account. And I went through the same ordeal.

    I didn’t want to put down the caller, but I asked her if she really wors with PLDT! (She spoke like she was selling lunch-in-a pack from the neighborhood cook.)

    Then I remembered how we lost myDSL connection at least four times last month. Then I gave up: Yeah, I think you are from PLDT.

    Now they flaunt some business value (so to speak) by pretending they are kind (with free 1 month DSL connection).

    I’m sure they’re dangling an offer to prevent users from leaving.

  2. A yahoo minded internet provider, they should know this, why dont he know an email like .pldtdsl extension? Worl class it is.

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