Davaoeños Eyeball

I had a little eyeball with other Davaoeño bloggers last night at the 51 Cafe near Victoria Plaza. It was nice to know that there’s more of us here in the city. Well, maybe just 6 more. It was my first time to meet Bloggie Robillo, Marc Javellana, Jim, Dominique, Floraine and Chris. Newly-mowed Jun and sizzling Ria Jose were there too. The discussions often digressed from planning a blog party to some geeky open source evangelisms. I, for one, like Windows XP. Lol. It was kinda hard to butt in guys. But don’t get me wrong, Microsoft reeks.

After the whole thing everything about the blog party was still up in the air except for one thing — the date: March 17, 2007. I heard from the grapevine that Dennis and Jun will contribute a chunk of their Ituloy Angsulong winnings to the party. Yeah, more food! More drinks! Speaking of guests, Blogie said that Janette Toral will be there. Right now we’re also trying to get Aileen Apolo to attend.

If you’re interested in sponsoring our event, don’t hesitate to contact me: andrew [@] alleba.com. Or visit Mr. Robillo’s blog.

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Oh wow, I look like a train wreck.


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