The Joys of Dial-Up

It’s probably karma. The Wifi pirate that I am, it’s inevitable that this should happen. Once again, my ever-unreliable PLDT MyDSL decided not to cooperate anymore. My whole neighborhood’s affected, and PLDT doesn’t know when it’ll be back up. This happened two days ago too.

Since it’s 2pm in the afternoon and probably every Internet cafe is packed with students going relishing their first day of Christmas vacation, the unthinkable happened — I bought a dial-up Internet card! But honestly, it’s not so bad after all. It does the job. I can check my sites and emails just like I could on DSL. Slightly slower though, but, good enough. The card that I bought was Bl@st. It’s pretty reliable so far. Connecting was quick and painless although my mom can’t use the phone, heh.

Now, more than ever, I’m pretty darn sure that I’m getting rid of MyDSL for good by the end of this month. Switching to Bayantel DSL is an option, since I have it installed at my office. It’s not the best, but definitely better than P-hell-DT. Another option is Pisolutions, an ultra-cheap DSL that goes for P800 ($16) per month. Dennis Agulo, a fellow Davaoeno blogger and developer, said he’s been using it for a month and has had no problems with it. I’ve read horror stories about it, so I’m going to bug him more about it later when we meet at our planned gathering with Councilor Lavina.

Update: The next day, MyDSL was down all afternoon.

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