SEO Philippines Davao Meetup

Just got home from the SEO Philippines Davao meetup I sponsored at the Blugre Cafe Landco. It really made me wonder where everyone was hiding all this time. I didn’t expect much of a turnout, but all in all, about 20 SEO’s, web developers, designers and bloggers showed up.

And of course, our guest of honor, Google’s country rep Aileen Apolo was there to talk a little bit about Google and the benefits of their Google Adwords Professional (GAP) certification program. Aileen gave away a Google shirt by asking us to write down as many Google products possible in 30 seconds. Dennis Agulo, who already won a shirt at Janette’s event, won another one! And he was using my pen and wrote on the registration form I prepared!! I was coaxing him to give me the shirt in exchange for a PR6 link but I was turned down! Yeah, I’m sourgraping just a tad. Hehe, it’s all good Dennis.

It was also great to meet Jun Macarambon and Ken Tinio of SEO Global Pro whom I spoke to about the past Isulong Seoph contest and this year’s contest, Ituloy Angsulong, and other stuff about SEO, blogging and getting banned from Adsense. Davao Councilor Pete Lavina spoke about an initiative to push our city as a “learning city” and a hub for Information Technology. Jason Banico expounded on the matter and in fact wants to turn Southern Mindanao into a Silicon Gulf, our very own version of California’s Silicon Valley. I wish I can also come up with something as commendable.‘s Chris Cubos,‘s Kim Castillo,‘s Brian Bonguyan, and cousins Angel Abella and Alleba Politics‘ Ria Jose were at my side of the table delving on different topics.

What’s even cooler was Sun.Star Davao photographer Rene Lumawag was there and took a picture of all the attendees!

All in all, it was a fantastic meeting of the minds. We all agreed that a new discussion group should be formed where we can continue our conversations and plan future meetups. And that burden was placed on me! Hehehe. Hopefully something good will come out of it.

seo davao

seo davao

Clockwise: Brian Bonguyan, Counc. Pete Lavina, Me, Dennis Agulo, Stanley Dumanig, his wife, Bernie, *, *, Ken Tinio, Eric John, *, Jun Macarambon, Aileen Apolo, *, Kim Castillo, Angel Abella, Ria Jose.

*Sorry, your names weren’t on the signup sheet 🙁

Thanks to Aileen for the second pic.


  1. Stop dreaming of that non-sense Silicon Gulf idea. Too much time is wasted on these poor attempts. Be realistic for once and act on something practical to achieve.

    Our neighbors in Mindanao are already overtaking us because they know how to act.

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