11-ft. Japanese Robot Suit For Sale

From TechEBlog via Zipped:

land walker

Called the ‘Land Walker’, this behemoth stands 11 feet tall, weighs 1 ton and sports two air guns. It was created by Masaaki Nagumo of Sakakibara Kikai Co., an environment machinery manufacturer in Shinto, Japan. Fascinated by his favorite anime show ‘Gundam’, Nagumo wanted to create something similar to the high-flying robots. Understandably, ‘Land Walker’ has a long way to go in terms of development, but Nagumo’s tenacity and genius alone are commendable. Don’t expect to see this on Ebay anytime soon. Right now it’s available only in Japan, for $300,000 a pop.

Demo clip after the jump.

Hmm. Did Nagumo really base it on Gundam? Coz it looks a hell lot like Star Wars’ AT-ST Walker:

at st


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