StatTraq Bug

For anyone using Randy Peterman’s StatTraq, there’s a small bug in one of the files that might cause an error message to appear at the footer of your WordPress blog.

Open up stattraq.php in a text editor and scroll down to line 90 (approximately).


else if($strpos($ua, 'MSIE 2') !== false)


else if(strpos($ua, 'MSIE 2') !== false)

Save the file and upload to your server.


  1. I recieved this error when I use IE7 to view my site.

    Just around the line 90, add a line to identify the IE 7 and this error go away.

  2. Thanks for the tip Lefebvre. 🙂 Sadly Randy Peterman had stopped updating Stattraq. It’s a shame coz it’s the best statistics plugin for WordPress out there. Hopefully someone will pick it up and develop it further.

  3. Hi Laura, which version of stattraq are you using? I also checked the previous versions and they have the same bug. Open the file in a text editor like Notepad and search for the line to be changed and simply replace it with the other one.

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