eBible.com – Heaven’s Answer to Web 2.0

How I wish eBible.com existed in my days of studying theology in college. I have to admit that theology (or theo, as we fondly called it) isn’t exactly my thing nor did I excel in it like I did in Calculus and English. We used the New American Bible a lot. It’s that red-colored bible that’s probably the easiest version (for us at least) to digest. I believe Marc and other Ateneans will know what I’m talking about.

I think other Filipino students will benefit a lot from this revolutionary Web 2.0 approach to Bible study. It’s definitely a more enjoyable experience than having to sift through the fragile pages of the real thing. Not that it’s a bad thing, though. You can save excerpts that you like in a drag-and-drop fashion and share them to the whole community. The site also features a tag cloud of popular keywords, a search engine and an online store.

I received an invitation to use eBible.com and I got 25 more up for grabs.

Yes, I have 25 more eBible invitations in my possession. If you want one, reply to this post and I’ll give them to the first 25 commenters.


  1. I’d love an invite if you still have them available.
    Thanks, this sounds like a really cool project.

  2. Hi! Do you have anymore invites to extend? I’d love to participate in this project. Thanks very much!

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