PageRank Update

There are hints of a major PageRank and backlinks update.

My sites are holding steady, but one site I handle dropped a point — which is fine.

One big surprise is that some Isulong Seoph sites are hitting PR’s of 6’s and 5’s. The competition is getting red-hot!

As far as backlinks are concerned, Google’s been ignoring some major sites linking to me, it’s frustrating!! This has been going on too long already it’s not even funny. Should I write Google about it? It’s pathetic I know, but I just want to get a clear answer on this matter.

How are your sites doing?


  1. Well I got 1 site site in Page 2 even if international has it as Page 1. thinks it should be on Page 2.

    I got another site that was added late compare to all my entries and is now catching up on Page 2 also.

    My other entry is still on Page 4, but at least climbing page 4. And this one has PR5 since a lot of people are linking to it too, but it loses in keyword density and people that link to it, link to various pages for various reasons that are not isulong seoph related.

    My blackhat entry is the lowest ranking one. But it also seems to climb the SERPs a bit.

    I believe my two 2 sites on Page 2 are in attacking distance and can make Page 1 easily IF…. IF the people in Page 1 do nothing LOL.

    Which I doubt. They seem to be working on their sites all the time. So it is not easy after all.

    Good luck to us all!

  2. I take it back. That site I said that lost a point didn’t lose a point. Whew. I’ve lost track a bit of what’s happening in our contest. But from what I saw recently, you guys are really pushing the envelope. Keep it up. 🙂

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