PLDT MyDSL Sucks – The Saga Continues

I read about Marc Macalua’s lousy time with PLDT MyDSL. All I can say is — Dude, I know how you feel. I’ve been languishing with MyDSL forever because it’s the only damn DSL service available in my area. Frequent lost connections, extremely sluggish download times (way below what’s being advertised) and outages are just some highlights of my love-hate affair with MyDSL.

In an act of utter desperation, I took up LiveJournal user faithlessphil’s advice on switching my DNS to somehow improve my online plight. According to him, PLDT had run out of IP addresses that they are now taking them from as far as Johannesburg. Ok, that might be a stretch. But who cares? PLDT MyDSL is crap. He recommends using OpenDNS’s faster and more secure DNS servers. I’m on a Linksys wireless network. Setting it up took under a minute and there’s no registration required!

The results?

I have noticed a bit of an improvement in accessing US-based sites such as Friendster and MySpace and my sites got a bump up in response and loading times as well. As for downloading, speed improved about 15-20%. Maybe it’s psychological, but i’ll take all the help that I can get. I’ll see how OpenDNS lives up to its promise in the coming days. But from all the buzz it’s been getting, looks like it’s the Real Mccoy.


  1. i really am disappointed with the service of pldt..
    it sucks.. they are only good at advertisements but not with the service they render to all their costumers. i’ve been complaining with our internet connection but what do i get? nothing but stupid promises. why is there such kind of company existing.. darn..


    it just f***ing randomly disconnect! DARN it! i’m an addict player of online games.. now this f***ing DSL sucks..

    2 thumbs down.. 0 stars for them…

  3. i cant connect to any website but can play level up
    my i have a plan 1mbps of pldt. my router, tp-link.
    it is weird that i cannot access any website and yet can play level-up games….

  4. bad 3p na plan 990 yan!!! kada saktong 2hourz na di-disconnect ng bonggang bongga!!!!! nakaka windang..!! ammppfffuufuu!!

  5. This is off-topic. I was at WordPress Toronto, Day 1 today (Day 2 tomorrow). Matt Mullenweg presented today (got sneak peak of WordPress 2.7). I just wanted to tell you that during his PRESENTATION to the Toronto audience today… Matt Mullenweg mentioned Philippines in a very positive way. Specifically:

    1. WordCamp Philippines had the most interesting venue he’d attended so far in 2008. He mentioned the swimming pool and dinner.
    2. He said that WordCamp Philippines had the most interesting logo that he’d seen so far… and that his WordPress logo itself needed to catch up in coolness factor. He said this to Toronto audience.

    And he showed 3 pics from WordPress Philippines – venue, t-shirt, and logo. The audience seemed to be impressed with the logo, based on reaction of ‘wows’ I heard.

    Next, I was able to get a brief video footage (very short0… a shout-out to WordPress Philippines folks. I’ll try to post this video soon, in a few days when I find the time.

  6. yes i agree pld mydsl sucks i have a plan 990 for 1 year the service is still crapy i pay for 1010 per month. i suffer also from disconnection, packet loss, and slowdown when you check your speed you get half the speed you get instead of what is initially said in the ADV. hope pldt improved there service on networking. good internet service provider means good connection. they need a pro technician and pro agents to solve the problem faster. you waste your money and your time just to call them and no sudden feed back. if someone reading this from PLDT hope they know what they what they’ll do. maybe after a year they will lose they valued costumer. they have the money to develop or buy a good ISP. why provide a service that is lousy and crappy. maybe the one that handles the repair in the connection is to lazy just to even fix or adjust the required setting for that connection. maybe they need more technician handling that connection. really is it really takes too long to fix that dammm connection settings, the only thing you need do is adjust the setting for that connection and proceed to the next one. i suggest they improve their ISP. or buy a new one.

  7. PLDT’s lousy broadband is not just killing their DSL and Smart Bro services, my local cable company, Satellite Cable Network Inc, recently switch from a Comclark/Globe backbone which worked great to PLDT. Yes, it it benchmarks great with test on teh PLDT server, but as for browsing, downloands and BT’s I think dial-up might be better – I swear that packets are being delivered by EDSA jeepneys. I have read bad reports about Globe’s broadband, but surely it can’t be worse. I would accept the speed issues in remote provinces, but NCR and central Luzon? I’m sure eventually things will improve… 😉

  8. alam niyo ang gawin ninyo tawag kayo sa PLDT tapos ireport niyo nga ung problem niyo. Tulad nalang ng akin 999 binabayaran ko tapos below 500kbps lang ung nakukuha ko. Kaya tumawag ako sa PLDT then sabi ko bawal yung ginagawa nila at pwede ko silang ireport sa DTI. ayon after 1day nasa 980kbps na connection ko. utakan lang yan.hehehehe

  9. I was upgraded to DSLAM a few days ago. Im on 1mbps already from 500kbps. When I connect my pc direct to the PLDT dslmodem I dont get data loss interruptions. But when I connect using a Linksys router, I get packet loss every 10 minutes and it reconnects and data is on again. It is a problem cause it interrupts my applications.

    What could be the problem? Im on DHCP IP obtain automatically no need for username and password. Everytime devices are connected to the Linksys router, I get a data disconnection every 10 minutes and then it reconnects. What is the problem? Anyone experience same? Kindly please share…


  10. My PLDT DSL is great! In the mornings that is. When it’s daytime like 6:00 am to 5:00 pm everything is smooth and fine. But when clock strikes 6:00 pm, yes it’s like regular clockwork for 4 days or so now, when it’s 6:00 pm everything goes crazy. I have disconnections every 10 minutes, regularly! The disconnects lasts for only about a minute or so but as someone here also said I’m a fan of online games and when the disconnects hit I’m kicked out of the game and have to log on again. It’s like they turn a switch or something when it hits 6:00 pm and it will last til the morning. I’m gonna go over to their office tomorrow and let them have a piece of my mind and hope they actually do something about it.

    AM – PLDT DSL is great and works according to specs for me.

    PM – Sucks big time…

  11. ohhhhhhhh, this is insane pati did2 nagpa uusapan yan.. grabe ako honestly… our company is experiencing this bad service they have… grabe nakaka wala ng gana… but we don’t have a choice… kundi… lunukin lahat ng kamalasan… saba nga nila hindi lahat naman cguro tulad ng na experience namin meyron ding nakaka gusto sa services nila kaya nga… swerte2x lang ang buhay… waheheheh ang sakit isipin…

  12. bumagal yung dsl plan 990 ko after pinakialaman ng pldt yung dialer. Tinanngal then bumagal na. 15kb to 36kb na lng nakukha ko. dati umaabot pa ng 52. ewan ko kung mabilis na ang 36 pero d ata to yung napagkasunduang speed eh. fck tlga.

  13. Hmmmmm… wana hear my story??? Lol, my internet connection is 6kbps and its max is 20kbps only hahaha… 2 pldt technicians already looked and tried to fix this fuckin problem but till now im still getting the same connection speed. and their solution is to upgrade my “DSL PLAN”.. “PUTANG-INA NYO PLDT!!!!!”

  14. Finally!!! May mga kasama na ako!!! nyahhahahaha!!! gusto ko lang ishare ang ISA sa mga experience ko sa PLDT. One time nasagi ng truck ung line ko ng Internet… Eh di nireport ko kaagad sa PLDT. Sabi pupunta daw aayusin……. 2 days ng pagaantay!! ala pa din. tinawag ko ulit… ganun ulit!! lintik na PLDT yan!!! antagal ng service nla. Ginawa ko na lang dahil may friend ako na nagtratrabaho sa di—– (other Internet Provider dito sa amin…) siya nalang ang nagkabit!!! TAPOS ang problema!!! Ito example lang yan kung gaano KAGANDA (kuno!!) ng PLDT. Trabaho nila napunta na lang sa iba. mabilis!! Libre pa!! nyhahahahah!! di gaya ng PLDT bulok na…. mabagal pa…

  15. wanna tell pala kung bakit ayaw ko na magbayad… pagsamasamahin po lahat ng reklamo ng mga sumulat d2 yun na din yung sa akin… disconnection, slowdown, walang connection not only days but weeks, walang dial tone, walang modong mga taga customer service na hina-hang ang phone, 24 hours feedback daw 48 hours na wala pa rin,ano pa ba? ma email ka naman na parang tanga na auto reply naman ang sasagot sau… tsk tsk… feel na feel ko talaga na nasa pilipinas pa tlaga ako0000!!!!!!!!!

  16. I never had much stress and hassle time since we subscribed to PLDT myDSL. The trend is, If you don’t have any phone line yet it will cause you to wait much 100x time until the internet service will be activated, for us we actually waited for 3 weeks before the phone line was installed and at this very moment we remain not getting any internet access yet. (pain pain pain 100x) I already emailed the said company but it seems that I am only getting a mediocre response. We also received some calls from their team but then they will just leave you an impression of….. do these people really know what they are doing?..
    I personally do not deserve such service or should I say treatment. I work in a call center for internet access abroad and our clients are really demanding about the service I myself also deserve to demand in getting the service I deserve…

    This is not worth it after all…

  17. shit i apply Monday morning
    on their office with their GOOD AND GENEROUS
    Agent? they said i have been installed by 1 week
    after i apply but 2 weeks ago i just w8 and w8 with full of anger and disappointed shit wheres the AGENT with full
    of good threats wew….

  18. three years later and I TELL YOU PLDT MYDSL STILL SUCKS!!! I am paying for the 512 plan, and my internet connection is SLUGGISH every morning and now, its a miracle that I’m even online! Up until now this WHOLE PAGE HASN’t LOADED YET. I could pretty damn well write a whole novel here to rival the romance of the three kingdoms and the page would not have finished loading. And trust me CUSTOMER CARE OR CUSTOMER SERVICE has no CARE OR SERVICE AT ALL! I would have availed of skybroadband if only they had service for our village. I am definitely moving over to bayantel. THey have double speed in the wee hours, faster regular speed and a more dependable connection at LESS the PRICE. PLDT you can !)@*_@)**!))_@_(*(*!

  19. ito ang bago ng pldt ngaun, 1,200 ang binabayaran ko then install nila sa phone ko, nag take ng broadbandtest ang result a 1.1 mb/s so tama lang sa binabayaran ko.. so pirma naman agad ako ng 1 year contract sa kanila after 1 month, yung speed ng internet bumabagal na then after 2 months, nag check ako ng broadbandspeed test and the result is 42 mb/s.. then report ko sumagot ang mga customer service may problem daw sa main server nila at ang solution nila monitor na lang daw ang brodband speed… up to now. ganun pa rin walang pagbabago.. iniisip ko ngaun mukhang, scam na ang nangyayari! papadalhan ka ng bill na 1,200 a month syepmre mapipilitan ka magbayad pero yung service naman ng internet nila ay sobrang bagal.. wala dun sa pinagusapan na 1.0mb/s speed.. haaaay!

  20. PUTANGINANG PLDT MYDSL ! WALANG KWENTANG SERBISYO, idiota na mga customer service and cant speak english for shit, bagsak sa mga normal na CC! as for mydsl connection fucking intermittent bullshit dsl hindi DSL to dial up to less than 56 kbps normally, swerte na kung mag hit ng 56, at mas swerte pa kung hindi mag drop yung internet! wala pang isang araw na hindi nag drop and internet galing sa pldt mydsl! PUNTANGINANG PLDT MYDSL! WALANG KWENTA, MAGALING AT MABILIS LANG MAG-BILL! KAHIT ILAN MAG COMPLAIN WALA PARIN GAGO TALAGA YAN MGA PLDT MYDSL! MGA TAMAD NA MANLOLOKO, MAGNANAKAW KURAKOT COMPANY!

  21. lahat ba ng user dito PLDT crap sali niyo na ang ibang ISP taking advantage limiting the DL speed atsaka distributing singe or same ISP to many consumers, w/c means slowing down the DL and internet speed plus putting loop IP to confuse the internet speed causing slowlyness of the DL speed… and others….

  22. all the philippines need is a kickass company that outmatches pldt dsl. soon they’ll all die and lose their business.

  23. ung experience ko nnamn sa mga gagong yan ehh ang sobRANG tgal nila. ung sa line nga eh nagpaanu NDD aq alam mo last 3 weeks pa un hanggang ngaun di parin ginagawang NDD ung phonek o FUCK U DSL

  24. PLDT is playing cool but if you undressed them you will see the worst. Many times i encounter to only access yahoo and myspace but no other site.

    When you try to report it they will say “there’s no problem with our connection sir!” Damn stupid rep. I never ask to check their conection but my connection.

    Why did they always check their connection to the sub station not the sub station to the client? I have read in other forum that most of their costumer service rep is OJT student. Can’t blame them but the ADMIN is to blame. Do something PLDT admin….

  25. ahhhh yan pala yung QIK na my friend told me about. she told me that its not like smart bro na sobrang bagal (i agree). check out ko nga.

  26. oh i thought it was just me na may prob sa service ng PLDT DSL, our plan is 1299, so that probably i can get the speed of 400kbps-700kbps or (40-70KB). when i download something, my speed goes up to 100-115KB so i’m very happy, but that was just once in a blue moon moment or opportunity. kasi in a normal day 20-40KB lang ako sa download. and everytime na may bagyo or kahit umulan lang ng konti, my connection goes down, tapos kapag pinatay mo ung connection to start the connection again, then the connection will be dead for 6-8 hours i think. i suggest dont call pldt, kasi bibigyan ka nila ng “connection service charge”..nangyari kasi samen..anyway, sana sa mga susunod na araw eh ayusin nila ang serbisyo nila..

  27. heylo! i know you all are so complaining and ranting about pldt and all but i have a bit of a different experience. you see, i’m like all of you but of course, i receive good service from them most of the time. siguro talagang ‘di lang nila kayang i-handle ang lahat ng probs and stuff. product-side, hmmm…ewan…sana lang may potential ang quick install kit nila, especially now that they’ve relaunched it.

  28. ano ba talaga with DSL mga complaints niyo? connection? service? Personally, overall package okay naman siya. it’s better than nothing lalo na yung qik. Not that i’m promoting it though, but I agree with the fact na medyo lousy nga service nila, which i hope could improve since i’ve been a subscriber of their dsl package for such a long time (since they launched the first dsl product). yun nga lang, i had to downgrade to 999 then re-up on qik due to financial reasons.

  29. ^^I find you and your comment a thing of irony. haha! But actually, i agree with what you said. pldt subscriber na din ako for a long time and i do get a share of their problems regarding their service when shit hits the fan. as in parang ang daming byurokrasyang dinadaanan para lang mag parepair or what. but connectivity’s fine with my plan (first plan offered, yung 3K plus). 8 years in the running already, and i don’t think i’m changing my mind soon.

  30. I now prefer the lowest myDSL available so as not to grimace on paying thousands of peso for their crappy service.

  31. PLDT DSL S.U.C.K.S.!!!!!! i tried opening farmtown in facebook and it took me more than 20 minutes!!!!!! you SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!


  33. Potang PLDT connection ko.. DOWN na naman..
    malamang nito 3-Weeks na naman akong putol nito
    based on my history… hindi nila kayang ayusin ang connection within 24 to 48 hours according sa sinasabi nilang 24 to 48 hours believe me mababa na ang 1-week na maaayos nila ang connection mo. then ang pinaka-masaklap na nangyari sa akin regarding dun sa Three Weeks troubleshooting na connection ko eh sa mga bobong nagdedeploy na technical ng PLDT… bato-bato sa langit hindi ko kayo nilalahat.. well anyway ganito ang nangyari sa akin.. may pumunta para ayusin yung box.. ang kaso eh hindi naman pala Authorize magbukas ng tao.. sabi ko well sige.. wala tayong magagaw.. 2nd. may pumunta wala namang dalang susi.. pota.. gaguhan na ba sabi ko.. kaya sabi ko sige wala rin akong magagawa kahit MAGALIT ako.. 3rd.. may pumunta andun na yung susi.. eh POTA hindi naman pala alam galawin ang BOX.. tapos recent sa mga report ko they will not honor or ire-record your report.. kung wala ka sa harap ng PC mo.. Pusa! May GANON!!!! now GUYS or yung mga MAY BALAK Mag Subscribe… isip kayo. kung kukuha pa kayo ng PLDT-DSL… dahil sa mga Experience ko or marami pang IBA dyan…. very much dissapointed sa service nila..

    PLDT gusto nyo mag confirm.. well so BE IT….

  34. HAHAY… pLDT talaga.. kahit anong gawin mu….. noon naputulan kami… ngayon naman youtube problems nanaman… ang bagal nang streaming kahit sa ibang video related websites… paano ba2?? 2 months palang ako…. ang taas pa nang babayaran ko tapos ang daming problems….



  36. i too had a bad experience with pldt mydsl services, not only with the internet connection but as well as with their call center rep. i was inquiring for the watchpad, and was told to uninstall and download internet xplorer online. while i was downloading the internet xplorer the rep just hung up on me, the line went busy.i called back and asked for a sup the rep named jensen echevarria with employee id # c704 said all the sup is engaged in a call but before telling me that he put me on mute/hold for too long, haay what a lousy customer service they have.


  38. bullshit na pldt yan tumawag ako sa kanila to know how much speed im getting from my plan 999 without landline. i know my plan is so old its been 11 years now and it is 512 kbps plan, when i have checked there site i saw a new plan but its from 2006 the plan 999 without land line is 1 mbps so i asked them if i could change my old plan of 512 kbps 999 to 1mbps 999 they said they will have a new migration in our area which is (Cainta) so i can change my plan to the faster one and i said when can i call and update my request? they said to call again in 1 month kung pwede lang lumabas ung kamay ko sa telepono lumipad n talaga to! WTF tang ina naman 2006 pa ung plan n yan d pa umaabot dito sa cainta SO IM SWITCHING to a new internet provider masasabi ko lng sa pldt eh grabe kayo sa ibang network ung 999 na yan (without landline)eh dapat 1mbps sa inyo 512 so ilang years nyo na plang binabalewala mga customers nyo d2 sa cainta dapat naman asikasuhin nyo yan kasi ang kkapal ng mukha nyo ang bagal na nga ng net nyo di nyo manlang maupgrade serbisyo nyo 2006 pa yan ano n ba ngayon 2010? serbisyo amigos!!!!!

  39. You can say that again, and again. AND again! PLDT MyDSL truly sucks! Well, it wasn’t this way till a couple of weeks back. At least then, I could watch YouTube streams without a glitch. Now, a 10 minute clip will last as long as 30 minutes to complete!

    Why? Too many subscribers and NO PORT expansions! I think they’re down to port sharing devices now, whereas we used to have our own ports. PLDT should stop accepting new clients and expand its hardware capacity first.

    It’s always about GREED, ain’t it?

    Yes, PLDT MyDSL (Diry, Slow, Line) SUCKS!

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