I’m Addicted to C2

c2 lemon

I’m not a big coffee drinker, so I go for iced tea to keep me awake and alert all day. Could be the sugar or caffeine that does it, I don’t care.

C2 is my favorite iced tea drink. It’s cool & clean (thus the name), but what I really like about it is that it’s light and doesn’t have a strong tea-ish aftertaste. Off-the-back description of the product:

C2 is delicately brewed from natural green tea leaves of Camellis Sinensis. It is non-carbonated and ready-to-drink, with a cool clean taste that goes down light and easy. A healthy way to refresh yourself!

Real, natural tea, like Camellia Sinensis, contains antioxidants, called “Catechins”. These antioxidants, together with proper diet, are known to prevent certain diseases and cancers.

If you’re wondering what Camellia Sinensis is, here’s a Wikipedia snippet:

Camellia sinensis is the tea plant, the plant species whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea. White tea, Green, oolong and black tea are all harvested from this species, but are processed to attain different levels of oxidation.

C2 comes in 4 flavors: Lemon, Apple, Peach and awful Regular flavor (that tastes like grass).

It also has a ‘lite’ version. If you like cough syrup, you’ll love C2 lite.


  1. i also like apple. c2 lite’s taste is very different from the regular c2, but thats because its not intended for the regular tea drinker as well. diabetics like me actually find c2 lite to be sweet enough and ‘c2’ enough.

  2. i like the forest fruit-flavored c2 the best. i enjoy the other flavors as well (yes, even grass-like flavored c2 and c2 lite) :p

  3. I like black tea lemon flavor and I also like the C2 holder that i have last time in Puerto galera

  4. C2 is good for our health and its real green tea not like other wanna be that is all powdered… C2 Rulezz

  5. im a japanese by the way, at first i love the c2 green tea, but i realized something was odd. if c2 is healthy, why did they come up with c2 lite? compare to other green tea in other countries, c2 is the sweetest i ever had. i don’t think c2 is a real green tea. its just flavored like green tea with many sugar to suit the taste of filipinos.

  6. why drink tea when you don’t like the taste of tea??
    if you like those fruit juice tastes why don’t you just drink juice!!!
    real fruit juice is healthier that fruit flavored tea, more fibre and natural flavours and anti oxidants too!
    i agree with taksan, this could be a “pretend tea”.

    i say, drink tea because you like the taste of tea.

    if not, just drink water to quench you thirst, or real fruit juice for added good health.

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