Push Forward SEO in the Philippines

The word ‘isulong’ literally means to ‘push forward’. That is the exact philosophy that my group, SEO Philippines, is adopting — to make the Philippines one of the foremost SEO hubs in Asia.

I’m very proud of the effort my fellow SEO’s are putting into this competition. As of last check, there are now 32,000 search results related to ‘isulong seoph’. To think that this only began 5 days ago! Whoooot!

If you’re one of those addicted to this contest, well, you’re not alone. Count me in! I have registered a related domain myself. I am joining but won’t be an official competitor. I just want to see if I’m any good at this game.

My experience with SEO is still quite elementary. But I have had a lot of success with sites that I’ve made by sticking to these basic SEO principles:

1. Linking to good sites
2. Waiting for them to return the favor
3. Writing original, interesting content
4. Checking backlinks of competitors and trying to get links from those sites as well
5. Making good use of Header 1, Header 2, Header 3 tags
6. Getting listed in relevant web directories (Yahoo!, Dmoz, Alleba, ha)

For blogs I’ve done in WordPress:

a. Editing your permalink structure helps alot, simply set it to display only the /%postname%/
b. Edit your theme template and be sure that the post title is in between Header 1 tags, both on the Main Index and Single Post files
c. Consider looking at theme creators that tend to feature sites who use their themes. Pick one theme, throw some stuff around, make it your own. Be sure that you already have some good readable stuff inside. When done, ask kindly to be a ‘live demo’.
d. Syndicating feeds is a must for any blog. Try Feedburner.
e. Add only useful plugins (such as Bunny Tags, Delicious, Sticky, Photopress) and avoid those meant only for aesthetic purposes.

Good luck to all those who joined!

Postscript: Here’s something useful (good for those red-eye, caffeine induced moments):


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