X-Men Movie Prequel?

There is talk that a prequel to the X-Men movie trilogy may be in the offing.

If you’ve already seen X-Men: The Last Stand (if not, don’t continue), there’s a scene (circa 20 years ago) where Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto) and Professor Charles Xavier pay a visit to the Grey household to check on a telekinetic girl named Jean. Amazingly, the actors McKellen and Stewart look twenty times younger, thanks to a digital ‘airbrushing’ technology that zapped ages from their faces.

stewart mckellen younger

Stewart was so impressed, he said, “The technology could come in handy if plans for “X-Men” prequels ever materialize”. “Ian was saying the other day there has been talk of a prequel with a younger Magneto and Xavier,” Stewart said. “Well, here we are, Ian and I. Wheel us out and spend the money on the technology.”

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Photo courtesy: AP Photo/20th Century Fox, Lola

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