Transformers the Movie

The buzz surrounding the upcoming “Transformers the Movie” is heating up!

I admit that I’m a Transformers junkie. I practically grew up watching the darned cartoon (and G.I. Joe).

Here’s a clip of Optimus Prime transforming to his robot self:

Another one that looks that of the Autobot Jazz, but as a beetle:

Cool huh? But they’re not officially from the movie, which is still in its pre-production stage. Michael Bay directs with Steven Spielberg in tow as producer. Shia LaBeouf (of Even Stevens, Charlie’s Angels) is rumored to play Spike Witwicky. This is already a blockbuster right from the beginning.

Thanks to 3dblasphemy and Michael Smith for whetting my appetite.
Join the countdown to July 4, 2007.

Here’s a little kinda un-funny story:

My mom was visiting me in New York one summer for my graduation. So we had the usual catching up to do and her fussing me to clean my apartment more often, find a job and basically get a life. After a few weeks she left and we went on with our lives. To my horror, I discovered that my $250 mint condition Optimus Prime (that I bought on Ebay) was missing!! I practically lost half of my hair looking for it until she called to say that she made it safe back to Manila. Being the mother that she is, she sensed in the tone of my voice that something was wrong. I said that I lost my very expensive Optimus Prime robot. She asked, albeit nonchalantly, “Oh, is that the toy truck I found in your closet?” I said “Yeah!??” “I brought it along with me. I’m going to give it to your baby cousin Marc.” To make the story short, I went nuts. And I did get it back.


  1. hahaha, this optimus prime looks majestic..

    Lookforward to this movie..

    I’m from Singapore and seen your blog with lots of great content!

    Hope to keep in touch

  2. I’m VERY disappointed so far. From what I’ve seen you creators miss the point of bringing the TRANFORMERS to life. I grow up with them I’ve seen every incarnation of these amazing creatures. From the original japanese version to now. Japan has it down pat of what the fans wanted. You created what you wanted. Thats fine, your movie. But, Prime is Prime. Megatron is Megatron. In every incarnation, except BEAST WARS. He was a weapon of destruction. Some key charcarters look missing. Relationship developement between them is going a key element. Evolution does come, we need to change with the times. But, I LOVE the TRANSFORMERS as they were. Modifying is ok. Making them purely weird and TOTALLY alien is to much. Remember they went out of their way to mimic our culture for a reason. It seems you may haveforgotten that. Watch the series, the movie and the Japanese Version. You’ll know what I mean.

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