July 29th, 2006

Globe Telecom G-Blogs

g blogs logoGlobe Telecom’s G-Blogs now allows creating and updating blogs directly from cellphones with the ability to upload pictures, sound clips and video.

From the G-Blogs website:

G-Blogs is the hip and cool mobile blogging service of myGlobe. Like other popular blogging services in the Internet today, G-Blogs gives its myGlobe subscribers their free personal web space to publish their thoughts and post pictures. What’s nice about G-Blogs is that it is not only accessible via Web, it is also accessible through your Handyphone. You can now blog using WAP, SMS/MMS.

Unlike other mobile blogging services, G-Blogs only charges you for download or upload transactions to/from the mobile phones. Web transactions like posting entries, uploading pictures, use of Web spaces, etc. wouldn’t cost you anything.

Looks like a cool idea that can get more Filipinos to start moblogging. However, I have yet to see a G-blog where someone has actually written something.

You can register on their site, but as of now all you’ll get are application errors. You can also text REG to 2815. For more info, text HELP to 2815.

On the web: G-Blogs

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