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I’m back in Manila. Wow. I am realizing that slowly, I’ve become some sort of a country mouse right in the city that I spent a good 7 years in. Sometimes I think that my moving back to Davao was a bad thing. But seeing what I’m seeing right now, the suburban life ain’t so bad after all. It could be the holiday season, or just the rush of people going home to their provinces, but traffic here is ten times worse compared to three years ago. That, despite all of the infrastructure put in place that siphoned Mindanao’s share of the national budget. I don’t want to rant about politics, but man, Manila needs to get a grip!

dome cafe rocks

Anyway, the best thing about Manila is the FOOD. Yeah, seriously. I like eating expensive food. I was at the Dome Cafe at the Shangrila Mall this afternoon with my dad and sister. Mmm Mmm Mmm. I ordered the Roast Beef Belly and boy was it KILLER. Paired with a Grape Shake, it was pure bliss. My sis got a the Pasta with Aligue (crab fat). Sure, it was good, but it pales against the almighty Roast Beef Belly!

Tomorrow, I’ll probably hit Greenhills for a little Christmas shopping. The Promenade has a great strip of restaurants, but I’ve tried them all. I might end up going somewhere else if I’m not lazy.

* * * * *

Two days ago Globe Telecom gave me a Nokia N73 as part of its loyalty program. It’s a nice piece of gadgetry, but I’m still quite happy with the Sony Ericsson W800 that I got just a year ago. So right now I’m thinking about selling it and get a better model from SE, such as the glorious Z610:

sony ericsson z610

What do you think? I’m not too crazy about Nokia products after the hell I went through with the 6600 model. Although N73 is pretty decent, Sony Ericsson is still tops for me.

* * * * *

Lastly, I’m thinking maybe I do need an assistant to, yes, assist me in my daily business. Notice how long this blog post is becoming? That’s because I stopped thinking of all the stuff on my to-do list. Actually, I need 5 assistants:

  • One to read and respond to my emails
  • One to write on my blogs on my behalf
  • One to approve and add new sites to my directory
  • One to check my message boards for spam
  • One to do all my programming chores
  • One to oversee the 5 if they’re doing their jobs

Hmm. Maybe 6? If I had all those I’d be in Tahiti sipping on a Mai Tai beside a supermodel. I’m kidding… The year 2007 is coming real fast and with that another round of resolutions. What’s yours? I’m keeping mine simple: Work harder! Oh, and add this: Learn Ajax!

* * * * *

quit the iron while it's hot

Two years ago I promised myself that I’ll never smoke again. Proud to say I’ve kept that promise since.

First Pic: 30 Minute Shutter
Second Pic: Yahoo! Travel


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