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Alternative Medicine


Alternative Cancer Treatment
Destroy, control, or inhibit cancer by strengthening your body immune system using Tian Xian Liquid alternative dietary supplement from Green and Gold International Exports.

Alternative Medicine in the Philippines
A study of alternative medicine in the Philippines is, inevitably, a study of the origins of its people and the amalgam of cultures and influences: Centuries of Spanish colonial rule... - Treating emotions with flowers
This is an experiment of its own kind of first Online Clinic for the treatment of negative emotions without disclosing identity in person and leaving comforts of home. It has promising results for addiction, weight loss, adultery, psychological problems, stress, strain management, alcoholism...

Citipharma Company Inc.
Citipharma Company, Inc. - distributor of quality healthcare products focusing primarily on preventive healthcare. We are an independent distributor of ForMor International products in the Philippines.

Enrich International
Two of the leaders in the nutritional supplement industry, Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International, have come together to form Unicity Network - a company with unique products, unparalleled science and a universal business opportunity.

Hashmi Dawakhama
Solutions for impotence, sexual health, childless couples, night discharge, incontinence, diabetes, joint & body pain,hyperacidity, constipation, problems with digestive system...

Herbal Medicine is one-stop online destination for all your health, nutritional and even home-care needs. We specialize in preventive nutritionals and weight-loss supplements.

Mt. Banahaw Tropical Herbs -
We grow, manufacture, and distribute our own line of Philippine Tropical herbs from our farm on Mt. Banahaw, here in the Philippines. We also carry herbal teas and Chinese teas for use in brewing Kombucha.

Trevoca Networking
Improve sex life, prolong stamina, earn dollars in your spare time, help family and friends health and financial needs.

Ylang Ylang Philippines
Join us in the exciting rediscovery of the "Ylang Ylang Secrets" : its aphrodisiac sensual aroma and its natural healing power. Since the 18th century, Ylang Ylang oil was produced in Manila and from then on gained its international recognition as the best quality oil for world-class perfumery and aromatherapy.

Blended Medicine
Combining conventional and alternative medicine to provide the best choices for common illness and diseases.

Philippine Herbal Medicine Info Site
A guide on Philippine herbal medicines and remedies that are widely used in the country and have proven therapeutic properties.

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