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AM Accu-Scripts
Provides medical transcription services.

Providing medical transcription services for clinics, hospitals and doctors the USA.

Offers skilled medical transcription.

Offers medical transcription and coding services.

Castech Data Services
Services include data entry, medical transcription, data conversion and more.

Provides medical transcription services.

Global Link Resources
Offers outsourcing of medical transcription services.

Outsourcing medical transcription services.

Outsources transcription of history and physical reports, discharge summaries, operative and consultation reports and medical records.

Services include medical writing, indexing and transcription.

TRx Global Corporation
Offers transcription services for the medical, business, legal and educational service industries.

Transcription World
Offers medical transcription services internationally.

Transkripsyo, Inc.
Offering medical transcription.

Paramedix Medical Transcription Services
Medical transcription service provider in the Philippines offering solutions to UK and US clients.

TransMedica, Inc.
Offshore medical transcription service and training solutions provider.

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