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Benpres Holdings Corporation
Conglomerate with holdings in media, utilities and real estate.

Transnational Diversified Group
Engaged in logistics, ship management, travel, and information technology.

Aboitiz Group of Companies
A majority Filipino-owned management and investment company with interests in power, banking, food production, transportation and logistics, real estate development, industrial production, shipbuilding and construction.

Ayala Group of Companies (1)

Celebes Group of Companies
Businesses include lumber, tuna fishing and canning, banana and coconut chips, dehydrated tropical fruits, coconut milling and refining, dessicated coconut and banking.

Citadel Holdings
Aviation, telecommunications, freight and logistics.

Filtra Inc.
Offering services such as consulting, illustrations, web design, public relations, outsourcing, travel and tours.

First Pacific
Hong Kong-based investment and management company with stakes in telecommunications and consumer food products.

First Philippine Holdings Corporation
Company in the business of power, real estate, electronics, petroleum, construction and securities.

Grupo Pilipino
Security, freight, gifts, exports, money remittance, and recruitment.

Hexagon Group of Companies
Interests include consumer food products, steel, construction materials, auto parts and accessories, water systems, dental supplies and more.

RGC Group of Companies (1)

Yuchengco Group of Companies (1)

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