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Performing Arts


Ballet Philippines
Homepage of Ballet Philippines, the Philippine's leading professional dance company with profiles, tour information, calendar of performances and reviews.

Bituing Silangan Dance Company of Maui - Traditional Ethnic Philippine Folk
Bituing Silingan Philippine Folk Dance Company of Maui, co-lead by Mr. Lawrence M Pascua and Mrs. Madelyne G. Pascua.

Dance - Bailes de Pilipinas - Philippine Traditional Folk Dance
A Simple Traditional, Authentic Philippine Folk Dance Troupe on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe
The Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe is a leading Filipino-Canadian Folk Arts Emsemble dedicated to promoting international goodwill by the preservation and sharing of Philippine culture and traditions through music, sound and dance.

Folklorico Filipino Canada
Cultural dance company whose aim is to present and preserve the Philippine culture through music, song, drama and dance.

Folklorico Filipino Dance Company of New York
Folklorico Filipino Dance Company of New York is one of the country's eminent theatrical dance companies that specialize in Philippine folk dance. Based in "The Big Apple", the company is more than two decades old and continues to reach out, promote and share the Filipino culture...

Labayen Dance
Features a contemporary dance company.

Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble
Kulintang Music - Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble.

Philippine Performing Arts Co.
Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippine Performing Arts Co., Inc. (PPAC) Website. PPAC is proud to share the rich cultures of the Philippines through costume, music, and dance to the Tampa Bay Area communities and beyond.

Philippine Traditional and Classical Music: Kulintang
Gongs are found throughout the Philippine tribal cultures. In Southern Philippines, the gong is used as a rhythmic counterpoint to the drum or as an accompaniment to an emsemble of gongs called the kulintang. The kulintang, or gongs in a row, is basically a melody instrument...

Repertory Philippines
Official site of theater group Repertory Philippines.

Romancing the Kulintang
I have expressed this cultural heritage through the traditional music and dances that I've learned from the master artists, As a dancer of Mindanao Kulintang Ensemble, I share a rich tapestry of expressions from the earliest collective memories of the people that belong in that culture.

The Morong (Rizal, Philippines) passion play.

The Filipino Silahis Dance Troupe of Milwaukee
Silahis, the dance group's name, is a Filipino word that means the rays of the sun, which expresses the members wish to help spread sunshine thorugh their activities. This name was chosen in the early '70s, but the dance group had performed several years prior to this date.

The Silayan Dance Company
Silayan was born in the 70's out of the vision of its founder, Sonia Capadocia. Motivated by a continuous search for cultural identity in a foreign land, Sonia, an award-winning school teacher ...

Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company
Folkloric dance troupe in the Philippines.

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