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AKDA: the philippine literature web site
Once upon a time in a galaxy far away called UP Diliman, a group of wannabe young grrl writers decided to form a creative writing organization. We called it AKDA...

Contains a carefully selected list of poems, photos, humor, essays, stories, research and more.

AplomBlue Network
A showcase of literature made by Ateneans. Also offers international and local ringtones.

Basag 49'ers
Essays about the Basagan Force.

Collection of poems written by the webmaster at U.P. Manila.

Confession Of A Filipino Serial Killer
As told to JBMS, a medical intern in Psychiatry in one of Metro Manila's premier Hospital.

CyberMaster's HomePage
Poetry, prayers, quotations and more.

Deliverance! It has Come! WWII POW Diary
This site is in memory of Herman K. Beaber who was an American WWII POW in Los Banos Philippines . He wrote a powerful and telling diary during these times. It tells of his fight to stay alive during times harder than many today could imagine.

Poems and stories.

EDSA: The Original People Power Revolution
Features the literary works of Angela Stuart-Santiago: EDSA, the original people power revolution; and, Himagsikan! Walang Himala sa Edsa.

A collection of prose and pooetry in English, Filipino, and Cebuano

Goodlife Publishing
Philippine history, bookseller, literary agent, publisher, health, career

Inks and Verses
One Night In Bangkok and other tales....

Libros Filipinos
Libros Filipinos homepage... is a Filipinas Heritage Library e-mail service that features capsule reviews of books that might interest you, such as books on business management to publications on Philippine culture, history, and arts.

Likhaan Online
Recognizing the importance of literature in the development of the nation.

MJ's Home Page and Personal Essay Archive
A home page and personal essay archive containing my essays and creative writing pieces.

Philippine/Iluko Literature on the Cyberspace
A web site by an Ilokano writer featuring original Iluko poetry and fiction.

Pinoy Tok on the Web
Mirror site of the Toronto-based Pinoy Tok on the Web, with links to the poems, column, video docus, photos, and journal of Mila D. Aguilar, as well as paintings of her friends.

PinoyLit, A Philippine Literature Page
Learn about Filipino writers, their lives, their work, Philippine novels and chapter summaries, Philippine folk tales, folklore, myths and legend.

Reynald F. Antonio Awards for Iluko Literature
Website for Iluko short story contest. Produces and awards quality literary works.

Spanish made practical for Filipinos
Everything about the Spanish connection in the Philippines.

Spirit Warriors Fan Fiction
A fan fiction site inspired by the hit motion picture Spirit Warriors and Spirit Warriors: The Shortcut.

TristanCafe Writings
Collection of Filipino short stories, poems and essays. Also includes international writings.

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