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June 21st, 2007

Blog Design Change

I've decided to give my blog a major facelift using my Darn Slick Gadgets theme. I just realized how easy it is to customize this theme. By changing only a few things, it gets its own unique look. Take a peek at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit blog, Lit Girl, ...

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March 13th, 2007

Darn Slick Gadgets WordPress Theme

Finally! My first Wordpress Theme release! Loosely based on this blog's theme, I began work on it last September, but for some unforeseen reasons (actually I don't remember -- is unmemorable a word?), I abandoned it. Last night, lightning struck and I finally decided to finish it. Oh, ...

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September 30th, 2006

WordPress Theme Preview

Here's a little preview of a Wordpress theme called "Future Cargo" that I'll be releasing very soon:

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