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July 16th, 2006

Stylehive It Plugin for WordPress

A couple of my cousins run a fashion blog at and have been promoting some of their posts via, a Digg-style bookmarking service directed at fashion and trendy items found on the Internet. To make their lives easier, and perhaps for other fashionista bloggers out there, I created ...

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July 14th, 2006

Ajax Loading Gif Animation

I was sniffing around for some nifty loading gif's for one of my projects when I found Ajaxload, a drive-thru Ajax-powered site that spits out loading gif animations to your liking on-the-fly. Yeah ... for you graphically-challenged Web 2.0 geeks out there, this is the place to go if ...

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June 17th, 2006

Mojizu – A Contemporary Character Design Community

Cute. I rarely use that word, but this is what I uttered to myself when I discovered Mojizu, an awesome online community where artists create, share and critique whimsical characters. If you're an artist who's into comical art, I think this is a great way to be noticed. Cool ...

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June 4th, 2006

Gmail for Domains

I got an invite to beta-test Gmail for Domains. Setting it up was a breeze, it only took under 10 minutes to get everything to work! I personally do not use Gmail that much because I do have an address where I do all my official transactions. But ...

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April 21st, 2006

Yet Another Bookmarking Application

Today I'm introducing a project that I began 3 months ago. It's a bookmarking site that I think has made me and its beta testers the laziest group of Internet surfers in the world. It's called GO: Anywhere You Want. The idea of it is quite simple -- You ...

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January 21st, 2006

Not so Supr

Don't get me wrong, I love Suprglu, but so far it's been giving me a hard time. I added up my XML feed on January 15. That feed had been updated basically everyday, but last time I checked a few minutes ago, Suprslow, ehem, Suprglu hasn't updated my ...

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January 15th, 2006


Montastic is a free site monitoring service based on Ajax and Ruby on Rails, that doesn't suck, as their tagline goes. What it does is simple -- it sends you an email when your site bogs down. Montastic hasn't emailed me yet, but by just signing up ...

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January 15th, 2006


Recently I tried a new online news aggregator called Suprglu, a service that allows you to gather all your news sources into one neat blog-looking interface. I signed up and added Alleba Fresh!'s RSS feeds. It's great because I can see where this service is getting at -- ...

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