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July 26th, 2006

Looking for the best deals on computers, peripherals and gadgets in the Philippines? is the leading resource for buying and selling brand new and second-hand computer parts and peripherals in the Philippines. TipidPC is the brainchild of Jesus A. Domingo and has been online since July 2001 (about the same as ...

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July 24th, 2006

Google Accessible Search

There's something new brewing at the Google Labs. It's called Accessible Search, a search engine tool by Google that sorts results based on the readability and simplicity of the page layout. This proves to be useful for those who are reading or sight impaired, as it gives them faster but ...

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July 20th, 2006

Myspace Tom Anderson’s Brush with Porn

Tom Anderson, creator of popular social site is rumored to have a porno past. According to Valleywag, Anderson hired Asian models for his productions and that he was close to being sued for sexual harassment. He even lost his job because of it. His site was ...

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July 18th, 2006

It’s PayPal Time

J. Angelo Racoma calls for the inclusion of the Philippines in PayPal's list of accepted countries. I'm totally for it, but unfortunately our laws are giving them a hard time.

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July 18th, 2006

Giving Outsourcing in the Philippines a Bad Name?

Arnold Gamboa blogged about a UK company that was scammed by a group of Filipino web designers on one of their projects. The Filipinos, who call themselves "Wicked Innovations", allegedly didn't deliver the goods as promised and refused to give back the initial fee of $900 paid to them. ...

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