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September 29th, 2006

Pagerank Boost

Cool! Alleba Blog now has a PR 5! Up from a 4. Other pages on this site also enjoyed a boost. Again, I ask... how did your sites do?

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September 28th, 2006

JNB Web Promotion Sucks

I don't want to make a bigger fuss out of it than it already is. But yes, John Bertrand, you suck. You are SEO's version of George Bush. You're old, you're stupid and no one gives a shit about what you have to say. More: JNB Web Promotion is a ...

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September 20th, 2006

Are you a Big Fish?

Here's a cool way to figure out just how "big" a fish you are in the ocean that is the World Wide Web. Uses backlink information from Yahoo! Find out if you're a Big Fish. Sad, I'm just a small smelt. Certified Backlinks.Site Class:Are you a Big Fish?

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September 4th, 2006

Isulong Seoph Update

It's September!! In a few weeks, we will know who the winner is of the Isulong Seoph contest! I'm still surprised to see my ex-entry somewhere in the third page, haha. I've been a bad sponsor though. I haven't been paying attention to what's been ...

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July 14th, 2006

PageRank Update

There are hints of a major PageRank and backlinks update. My sites are holding steady, but one site I handle dropped a point -- which is fine. One big surprise is that some Isulong Seoph sites are hitting PR's of 6's and 5's. The competition is getting red-hot! As far as backlinks ...

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July 13th, 2006

Stopping the ODP Snippets in their Tracks

Google now gives webmasters the option to add a simple meta tag to their webpages to tell the search engine not to display their ODP (Open Directory Project) information: Insert the following anywhere between the header tags: <meta NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="NOODP"></meta> This news came fresh straight from the bakery, so not every search engine ...

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June 13th, 2006

Plugin Update

I transferred my Wordpress plugin to my Isulong Seoph website at All updates to the plugin shalll be posted there. Thanks.

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June 11th, 2006

Isulong Seoph WordPress Plugin

I thought it would be cool to create a plugin just for the Isulong Seoph contest. So I did. Look at the lower right side and you'll see the fruits of my work or my Isulong Seoph entry for a more updated demo. That list is pretty much in real time, ...

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June 8th, 2006 Loses Top Spot takes the lead from apparently because of the latter's inability to put his site back in order. I don't think the phrase "Quit While You're Ahead" applies in this case.

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June 8th, 2006

Sloping Houses

I dunno. I got bored last night. Picked up my trusty notebook and pen, sat on my bed and scribbled anagrams of "Isulong Seoph". Here's what I came up with: Sloping Houses Glue His Spoon Ghouls Opines But here's the clincher: Us Losing Hope Not so encouraging is it? Is it a sign of ...

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