June 7th, 2011

Nintendo Previews the Upcoming Wii U

Nintendo announces its next generation console, the Wii U. People are buzzing about the new controller that sports its own 6.2 inch screen. The screen doubles as a visual and motion accessory for better accuracy in certain games, as well as a sketchboard and video chat platform (see video below for more). The Wii U hits store shelves in 2012.

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  2. jehzlau said...

    Coolness ang Wii U! O_O Pero I’ll stick to PS3 parin. hehe 😀

    Jun 8, 2011

  3. kyle said...

    I’ll get the power 3…Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony

    Aug 8, 2011

  4. Terry Ignacio said...

    This is cool. Do they have a boxing game other than what they have as standard?

    Nov 29, 2011

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