May 2nd, 2009

Sorry, No Posts Matched Your Criteria Error When Posting a Comment

Good thing my friend Jehz informed me about an error he got when he tried to comment on my earlier post. No wonder I haven’t been getting comments lately! Argh! If you know me well, I <3 comments!

The problem happens when submitting the comment form. A blank page will appear, save for an error message like this:

“Sorry, No Posts Matched Your Criteria”

After a little research, it has something to do with a permalink bug in version 2.6.

So how did I solve it? Apparently the bug has been cleared since version 2.6.1. I’m that slow in upgrading my WordPress. All you have to do is update your installation to the latest version and most likely the problem will go away.

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  2. jehzlau said...

    Oh my, I’m still using 2.6.1 until now šŸ˜€ hehe. Thanks sa link! yay!

    May 3, 2009

  3. Asswass said...

    Glad you solved it.

    May 25, 2009

  4. Kelvin Servigon said...

    2.6.1 pa din ang version ng wordpress ko, nkakatamad kc magupgrade! LOL

    Jun 7, 2009

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